#1 Frank the tank. Before and after adoption

#2 Look at that GLOW UP !!

#3 This girl nearly escaped death. Shes doing great now !!!

#4 This good boy got a second chance in life thanks to kind hearted people !

#5 Dog Wynter – from a puppy from streets to a house with big backyard and loving family

#6 From Cellmates to Lifemates

#7 Ripley at around 6 months in Iran and again at around 1 year in her forever home in The United States

#8 Pupper Hank! Abuse left this poor pup with scars, now hes smiling again !!

#9 Just look how cute he is in his little sweater !!

http://Klaudija Sigurnjak.com

#10 From saddest little face to enyoing life with her forever family

#11 This pupper was found in the jungle in Mexico he was in terrible shape but was health by the local animal rescue foundation. Here he is today happy, healthy and adapting well to his new life in Canada


#12 She was left to die in a park 2 years ago. Look at her now, living a happy life with her forever family

#13 The night he was found on the streets vs 1 week after adoption. Meet Pablo

#14 Look what cutie was under all that fur


#15 Day before he got adopted and a few months after

#16 This sweet girl was rescued from being put down over a minor skin condition. Meet Scarlett

#17 This cute guy was rescued from streets, he found his forever homes now

#18 This ir Rey! She was on death road yesterday but today shes a free woman !!

#19 Meet Waldo. From crusty and underweight to a very fluffy and happy boy


#20 Meet Kasper! He’s only a pup and travelled all the way from romania to live in Uk. Has yet to integrate and learn the language. Very good boy Nonetheless


#21 Meet this pupper who was found wondering around the streets, hes safe now with his new and loving family

Thanks to boredpanda.com for inspiration



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