Couple days ago I wrote a post about healthy food and how to keep good energy level. One of main factors ruining my day was coffee, so early in morning I announced to my boyfriend that we are no longer drinking coffee in this house. Oh boy you should see his face. He was more prepared to pack my belongings than his precius coffee machine. To make this step easier for him, I made checked online what is easiest ways to detox.

Basically, the key to detox is simply reduce amount off caffeine.

  • First things first – Get mentally ready and think of all benefits.
  • First month – reduce your daily coffee dose per one cup if you drink a lot, or per half cup if you drink only one or two. Reduce another cup on next month and so on. Replace it with alternative drink.
  • Drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol – it is especially important during the first few days as your body is adjusting.
  • Replace your cup of caffeine coffee with decaf coffee. It might be not the caffeine that warms you up but the taste.
  • Have a lot of sleep – this will help your body reset and get used to your new caffeine-free system
  • Find our why are you using coffee and work on eliminating the cause in other ways.
  • Try matcha green tea, it still contains caffeine but way less.
  • Replace coffee with alternative drinks you enjoy. For instance, try smoothies, protein shakes, or warm herbal coffee alternatives instead.


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