A Day at Themepark always guarantee memories and feelings to look back on later. For those who loves them, good news is that Themeparks are only getting bigger , better and even more scarier. Either you are looking forward for quality family time or adrenaline rush everything is there. Lets check who are the Best Theme parks in the world right now to prepare for our next vacation.

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Everland, South Korea:

This is South Korea’s largest theme-park, powered by Samsung Group. Its attractions, which include several roller coasters, are spread across several themed lands, including European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure, it also has a zoo and water-park.


PortAdventura, Spain

PortAdventura attracts around 3.5 million guests per year making it sixth most visited theme park in Europe. Together with exhilarating roller coasters and towering waterslides the resort includes also Ferrari Land, Caribe Aquatic Park, five hotels, a convention centre. The park is divided into six different themes complete with coasters, family rides, shows and restaurants.  If you are brave enough try the Shambhala: Expedición al Himalaya where you can whip down at 83 miles per hour on the tallest hyper coaster in Europe.


Cedar Point, Ohio

Cedar Point is only Theme-park in the world with six roller coasters taller than 61 m. This is one of reasons why this park has won numerous of awards and are one of best Theme-parks in the world. Known as “America’s Roller Coast”, the park features a world-record – 72 rides, Eleven of them are rated at the highest thrill level including the highest and longest steel wing coaster in the world. Other attractions in the park include drop towers, screaming swings, an outdoor and indoor water park, white-sand beach, two marinas, an outdoor sports complex and several nearby resorts.

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Europa-Park, Germany.

Europa-park in Germany is second most popular Theme park in Europe after Disneyland, Paris. It’s so big that can entertain 60,000 guests per day and are home for 13 roller-coasters and a lot of other thrill rides, water rides, entertainment and shows. The park is separated in 17 unique areas that represent different European countries. In November 2019, Europa-Park will open additional water-park with 25 water attractions.

Beto Carrero World, Brazil

Beto Carrero park was a dream of Brazilian businessman Beto Correro. It’s largest park in Latin America and with 14,000,000 square meters is fifth-largest in world. The park is divided into 9 sections, each with thrilling rides and vibrant entertainment and shows. Together with Theme-park and shows Beto Carrero Words includes also zoo with 700 animals. In 2012, thispark formed a partnership with Dreamworks and Universal Studios, bringing some well-known and loved characters like Madagascara, Shrek and Kung-fu Panda.


Universal Studios, Florida

At Universal Studios Theme park you can go behind the scenes and jump into the action of your favorite films. Harry Potter, Shrek, Men in Black, The Simpsons and so many other characters appear at this park in thrilling rollercoasters, hilarious 3D rides and live shows. Hang on tight and enjoy Orlando’s tallest roller coaster, the Rip Ride Rocket. In 2017, the park hosted an estimated 10,198,000 visitors, ranking as the ninth most attended theme park in the world.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Florida

The park was built as a larger, improved version of Disneyland Park in California and is represented by Cinderella Castle, inspired by the fairy tale castle seen in the 1950 film. In 2018, the park hosted 20.859 million visitors, making it the most visited theme park in the world for the thirteenth consecutive year and the most visited theme park in North America for at least the past nineteen years. Here you can meet your favorite Disney characters and experience Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and the Cinderella Castle where dreams go on a magical ride in the carnival of adventures.


Universal’s Island of Adventure, Florida

If you are planing vacation in Orlando, then Island of Adventure definitely should be in your check-list. With Harry Potter themed lands and scary Superhero coasters, Island of Adventures has been most loved and best Theme-park in the world for past 3 years straight. It’s the place where super heroes, beasts, and magical creatures stand before you. Explore a secret school of witchcraft and wizardry. Jump aboard one of the many rides that brings Harry Potter to life. Escape the jaws of a T-Rex, ride high through Dr. Seuess’s imagination and swing above the streets in 3D with Spiderman. This is land full of Imagination, creativity and fun.


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