How many of us has planned the next vacation and couldn’t decide in between two or more destinations?
Did you know that majority of Airline airfares allow stopovers, offering us a free opportunity to have a couple of days in another place on Earth?
Instead of having a usual layover for couple of hours or more, you can take a day or as good as couple of weeks (depending on airfare type) and here is how.

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You can travel instead just to Africa, Asia or Europe, But combine as good as two continents, paying the same amount as for a round-trip ticket.
Usually we take like two-four week vacation, why not to split it in half, or take a day or two on a completely different place?

Some ideas:

Emirates, Etihad, you will surely have a stop in UAE, visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a couple of days after you’ve been in Thailand, Bali or any exotic place. Will be an unforgettable experience.

Round-Trip flight:

Multi-City flight with extra days in Dubai. Faster, Cheaper, Better:

Take flights with ANA, or Chinese airlines and have a free stopover in major cities in China, Japan.

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Europe based airlines will connect you to any continent and also gives you a chance to see a little peace of beautiful Europe.

Round-Trip flight:

Multi-City flight with full day to explore beautiful Amsterdam:

Just start exploring what is your next trip destination, check what airlines fly there, and increase layover on your way going or on your way back for day or two.

Your scratchy map will get scratched out really fast as well!.
Good luck.

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