Planning a vacation always is a bit exciting and nervous thing to do, lets discuss one of main aspects of the travel, transportation.

Taxi will always be the safest, but also the most expensive way to go, but almost sure that you will get from point A to point B fast and precise, but that’s not really an adventure, isn’t it?
Public transportation, this can be very annoying and stressful experience, changing transports to get from point A to point B, guessing in which stop to run out, and you still need to walk to and from the transport and ask locals for directions, but this way you can save money.
Renting your own car, surely, depending on your destination, can get you an unforgettable experience and Freedom. You no longer need to plan how much does taxi cost or at what time last train leaves, you are independent. People with no drivers license, well, go get one.

Isn’t car rentals expensive?

  • No it’s not! You can rent a car all over the world for average 30USD, 25EUR a Day (many destinations even cheaper), the same amount can be spent on a 20-30 minutes long Taxi ride.

But You always have to do it smart!

  • First things first, made research about your destination, about driving culture and roads. At some countries you will need special driving license at other some cash to bribe away
  • Second, read some reviews about the car rental you have chosen from. ( Pick cheapest, if you want to save money, if you have recently won a lottery, take that Ferrari for a week or two, luxury life doesn’t hurt nobody )
  • Once it comes to a point when you pick-up a car, take a photos all over the vehicle, every scratch, must be documented before you start the engine and sign any documents with the provider. (Always double check the interior, do photos of everything)
  • In case you are planning to drive in a country with a steering wheel on the Wrong side, reconsider about the Automatic Gearbox, in order to concentrate to a more important things, like driving in the correct direction and wonder why window cleaners are turning on every time you want to use a turn signal.
  • Confirm what is the insurance policy with the provider.
  • Plan your route before you go, you can save directions in smartphone at home, before you arrive to another country or continent, where you will probably have no or have very limited access to the internet.
    In phone built GPS will direct you to your next destinations ( No Wi-Fi needed ).

You’re all set, independent traveler, adventures, here You come!
No more timetables you have to fit, no need to ask someone to call a Taxi for you, you’re on your own!

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