Couple months ago I had multi-city flight across the world with total travel time more than 40 hours.

I got super excited because it was good time to watch my favorite documentary about Polar Bear life.  Unfortunately, movie took only like 4 hours. There was 36 more to go, and I had to come up with new time-killers. Either it is 2-hour flight or 40-hour flight what is the best ways to entertain yourself?

In-flight entertaining system – Obviously it’s made to entertain you. Filled with newest movies, shows, games and music it will be your best friend on long-haul flight.

Look out of the window – You are above clouds and can see all earth under your legs. There are incredibly high mountains and unbelievable blue waters. Enjoy, for two minutes.

Play Games – When you are on a domestic flight without inflight entertaining system and Wi-Fi is playing hard to get, your phone will be there for you. Just make sure you have all the best games that can be accessed offline. Also you can try paper games like Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, Ships, etc.

Write Something – While you are in the clouds, you will have a lot of time to think. Silence and lack of distraction can make you very productive. Use that to write new blog post or anything that comes in your mind.

Coloring for relaxing – Adult coloring books is a thing now and the repetitive movements will be soothing and relaxing.

Learn a language – Download some language app and learn need-to-know phrases from the country you are visiting. It will help you to get connect with locals.

Talk to someone –Time flies in good company, get new friends, and a good advice about your next destination.

Do Yoga –  When traveling log-haul flights sitting in a small place can get frustrating. Try to stand up and stretch at least once in hour. Or at least stretch in your seat if you don’t want to raise a few eyebrows.

Read a book or journal– With a good book you won’t even notice how the time will pass.

Edit your pictures – if you are Instagram addicted like me, on the way back you will have tons of photos. In plane you will have a lot of time to edit them and try every filter.

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