When we are looking for airline tickets, usually it’s all about money, then come convenience and other preferences. There are a lot of providers, a lot of airlines and a lot of ticket types. Lets talk about one very common ticket type – Separate tickets and when you should consider them.


What is Separate Tickets?

It is exactly how it sounds like. Basically you book flight segments separately and some flights are on different tickets. Sounds okay but if you don’t do that correctly you are at huge risk. Read about risks on next post : Separate Tickets and Why it is a Risky Choice

Benefits of Separate tickets :

This ticket type is not here without reason. By being wise it comes with great benefits. Lets see few examples when Separate-tickets is smart choice.

  • You decide to book mileage ticket, but some segment starting from your home-town till destination is not available. So you book mileage and missing segment separately.
  • You are flying airlines that are not partners and can’t be booked together. Lets say you want to fly from Little Rock (US) to Cape town (Africa) . Firstly, you need to get to a larger hub that operates flights to Africa. You book  domestic flight with American Airlines to lets say, Chicago,  and from there fly to Cape town with various major airlines. (KLM/Lufthansa/Delta, etc.)
  • You simply want cheaper tickets. You look for a flight from Tallin to Bangkok. The fare is $850, meanwhile, flight from London to Bangkok is $430. You book main flight from London and domestic flight from Tallin to London for $50 separately.  You roughly save $370 per passenger.

On example below we can see that in route Salt Lake City (US) to Bologna(Italy) we can get separate tickets for 809 EUR, meanwhile cheapest single ticket would cost you 500 EUR more.

So, when it comes to price Separate tickets is great alternative that you should consider. However, if you choose to go this path I have to warn you that there are also dark side. Read why people choose to avoid them on next post : Separate Tickets and Why it is a Risky Choice

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