Whenever we are traveling to some hot, tropical destination we are thinking about blue water, clear sky, perfect weather and long days at the beach. You pack must-have thing –  swimsuit, and decide to check weather report to see if sun scream with protection level(SPF) 15 is okay or better would be to go with all 50 SPF. You open Weather Forecast and it’s far from victory. Weather shows constant rain all way through your vacation and it’s a real bummer. Before you push panic button and replace swimsuit with umbrella let’s get the idea of what is tropical rain and how it will affect your travel plans.

Question: Can tropical rain ruin my vacation?


And here is why: A rainy day can seem like a dead sentence for your beach vacation. Don’t worry. It may look bad but actually you can get quite benefits out of that. Perhaps you won’t get to enjoy sand and sun every day but you will have time to explore around.

When tropical rain hits you it usually last only from 15 minutes till 1 hour.

It is for quite short time in a day or in a few days.  It could be also heavy rain at nights following with clear skies on days. In a typical day you won’t even notice rain cloud till it be like 10 minutes before raining. It comes really fast, do its job, and disappear. It’s also very refreshing if you have spent all day at the beach sunbathing or doing some water activities. Your skin has cached a lot of heat and it has chance to cool down now.  And even when it rains, temperature will stay high so you will be able to continue your beach day like nothing has happened.

In the end, some cool activities to do when it’s raining in your vacation:

Get cozy and watch the rain– relax and enjoy.

Go for a run – so far it was too hot, but now its perfect timing.

Edit your photos – finally you have time to go through all your pictures. Mark the favorites and delete the bad ones.

Take a power-nap– Sun, food, and full days of activities can make us sleepy. Finally, it’s good time for power-nap.

Get day drunk – amazing mimosa brunch.

Visit a museum– Learn something about your destination.

Have a spa day – If you can’t get relaxed at beach you can do it at spa.

Charge your electronic devices – when was the last time they were fully charged?

Have a sex – if you are traveling with your spouse what can be more fun.

Plan your vacation – Good time to do planning especially if you have multi-city trip.

Backup your photos – make space in your phone for more photos.

Take a swim in a pool – it can be very relaxing and you can combine it with mimosa brunch. Be careful thought.

Go to good restaurant – find a nice restaurant and slowly enjoy your exotic meal.

Make a video of your vacation – There is a lot of video making apps. Put everything together and look back on your trip.

Write some reviews – If you get outstanding service or you have something to share, make your review online and let others know.

Go to beach – go catch the waves, go for a swim!

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