You are eating healthy and going to gym but your weight still grows. You don’t have to upgrade your physical activity or go for some drastic diet, simply say goodbye to these hobbits and your life will change.

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  • You are overeating healthy food.

Yes, that can happen even with best of us. Nuts, avocado, olive oil, dark chocolate – all natural and healthy products, but high in calories. Calculate how much you can to eat your favorite products.

  • You are not eating breakfast.

Not eating breakfast initially seems like a great way to avoid calories, but your body thinks differently. People who eat breakfast are more active in metabolism so it’s easier for them to lose weight.

  • You don’t feel when it’s enough.

When it comes to effective diet one of cornerstones is protein control. For humans, the main source of protein are grains, oils, plants, vegetables, meat and milk. Hold measuring spoons to measure the amount you need.

  • You are standing or running while eating.

Standing in front of fridge and eating or running to work with sandwich in your hand can save your time and energy but won’t benefit for your body. When you eat, focus and do it as slow as possible.

  • You intake carbohydrate before sleep.

While we are sleeping the restorative processes in the body are much more intense. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and the body primarily use them. If you wouldn’t have carbohydrate stores your body would burn fat.

  • Eat a lot of low in calories food.

Be very careful with this one. Yes, they are low in calories, but that that doesn’t mean that we can consume it in large numbers. By calculating they have even more calories than regular which would make us feel full for a longer time.

  • You eat not enough vegetables.

Vegetables are known to be especially healthy and great companies if you want to lose weight. Fresh vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

  • You don’t drink enough water.

It’s very simple – if you don’t drink enough water the kidneys work slowly and divert their functions partly to the liver which can’t do a double job. When there is enough water, each organ does their job correctly and fat loss is guaranteed.

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