A lot of tourists visit Bali everyday, so it’s only normal that they have developed a comfortable transportation system.

Our first thought was to use public transport as that would happen traveling in Europe.

Once we made research we kissed a goodbye to that thought. Why? Firstly, they only open buss lines in Summer season, so if you’re going in ”Winter season”, there are practically no buses going. Secondly, there are so much better alternatives. Very important role plays the size of an island. It’s quite small, only 153km from east to west and 112 km from north to south which is the reason why all activities are very close to each other.

Rent a bike:

Honestly we didn’t try bikes and that is probably reason why I am still alive right now.

Roads being very narrow and full of cars and motorbikes, traffic flow is rarely faster than 40 kilometers per hour.

And you have to share road not only with transports but also with dogs, chickens and cows. It is chaos and I was more afraid off traffic than volcano or tsunami.  There are no bicycle roads so you would have to drive up and down hills together with cars. I don’t remember seeing someone on the bike however I assume that in some places on Bali they are quite useful.

Bluebird Taxis:

Bluebird Taxi is the best and most trusted option for tourists. It’s a twice expensive (still cheap) than other taxi but it comes with quote benefits. It works similar like Uber. You have to download an app. From there you can call your taxi, put your address, destination see how far is the car that will pick you up and even see the price of your ride. Using the app you can use credit card to pay for ride. Just be sure to confirm price and destination before ride as all drivers is not so honest.

Bluebird Taxi would cost you approximately $ 0.70 per km, and waiting time of $ 2,80 per hour.

Using Taxi:

To make it equally at some places in Bali Bluebird Taxi is forbidden. Then you can look for some other Taxi drivers. It’s not hard to find them because when you will walk down the street they will honk, stop and ask if you need taxi. Be careful though. Before you hop in make sure that driver knows where you have to go and confirm price. Good part is that you can bargain here and get price even twice cheaper.

Rent a Scooter:

Scooter is definitely the King of Bali. Everyone has them. You will see 80 years old lady driving it as well as 9 years old kid. You will see whole families, yes, even 5 people, driving one small scooter. And you will also see people carrying furniture, animals and even other scooters with them. It’s the best transport to explore nearest places.

You can rent it extremely cheap, only around $6 a day and get full tank with only $1.

It’s also quite safe. You will notice that participants of traffic cooperate to avoid accidents and everyone is easy going. You can leave roller near your destination and don’t worry that it could be robbed. It’s rare thing in Bali. Take it with you to beaches, temples, waterfalls and everywhere that is not too far, because after some time, your butt will start to hurt.

Rent a car:

If you are brave enough to drive a car through that crazy traffic go for it. It’s very comfortable whenever you have to drive long distances for example changing location and hotel. Be prepared that they drive on left side and all cars are manuals. Also they tend to have incredibly low horsepower.

We took a car for 5 days to make a circle around all Bali and paid around $70 what is only $14 per day. Gas cost approximately $0.58 per liter.

What we didn’t know was that car had only 80 horsepower’s, and in the middle of Bali there is very high mountains with very narrow rocky roads. If there is Big Tourist bus in front of you blocking traffic, driving becomes an extreme sport.

Keep in mind that to drive in Bali, you need a local driver license that you can pick up at police station in Denpasar. However, this license is valid only together with your original one.

We didn’t get local license and it wasn’t necessary neither by renting scooter neither by renting car. Only original one was required. However, at one point we accidentally turned wrong on one-way road. Unfortunately, that was exactly near police station and they immediately stopped us. They wanted to give Fine of $25 but we talked down till $10 bribe.


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