Bali has everything you can wish for. Starting from beaches till jungles. You can climb mountains and watch dolphins. Lay at the beach and chase waterfalls. Ride elephants and swing over clouds. There are a lot of things to do for everyone.

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When we were planning our itinerary, we collected all info about coolest places and activities to do, after that, pinned locations on the map of Bali. That let us know how to make a route and plan a day. In Bali we spend two weeks but even that wasn’t enough to do everything. Here is list of coolest things you can do:

Visit Zoo – Bali has amazing zoo. It’s big, beautiful and with an exotic animals. Some of them lives along you. You can touch them, feed and make a photos.

Visit Elephant Safari – Drive through safari with hundreds of animals. You can ride and have a bath with Elephants, have a dinner with Lions and watch animal show.

Go to water-park – WaterBoom Bali is one of best water- parks in the world based on TripAdvisor.

Climb mount Batur – Go on sunrise trekking. You will have a chance to explore an active volcano and spectacular view of the sun bursting into horizont.

Go Snorkeling – There are amazing riffs all-around the Bali. Visit popular snorkeling beaches. There you can get a private boat and equipment only for $15 per hour.

Go Diving – Bali is extremely popular for diving because of warm waters what creates magnificent marine life. You can see sharks, turtles, manta rays and tons of tropical fish.

Enjoy beaches – Bali has amazing beaches with white sands and blue, warm water.

Feed monkeys – There are a lot of monkeys, everywhere. At some places you can get some food and hand-feed monkeys.

Take spectacular Instagram photos – It’s extremely beautiful Island and you will find picturesque spots everywhere.

Walk through rice terraces – Bali rice terraces are so impressive that are UNESCO protected.

Chase waterfalls – In jungles there are many spectacular waterfalls that surprise with their size, location and beauty.

Climb Hidden Canyon – You will literally need to climb walls, jump on rocks and swim through river. It’s secret gem for adventurous.

Explore hidden beaches – There are a lot of amazing beaches in hard reachable places. But once you get there it’s totally worth it.

Surfing – Because of big waves and warm water Bali is extremely popular for surfing. You can get surfing instructor and equipment for $10 in hour, be careful, you’ll get sunburns really fast!

Swing above clouds – when you are driving through midland, roads will take you on top of mountains, over clouds. There you can see a lot of swings that swing over the edge and over the clouds.

Buy Gucci bag for 5$ – The streets of Bali is fool of little shops where you can buy fake Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and other brands for less than $5.

Jump over waves – The waves in Bali are quite big. At some beaches is not possible to swim so you can only jump.

Go to Nusa Penida – It’s amazing little Island near Bali. It’s world famous for its rocky coastline and is home for world-famous T-Rex cliff that you definitely have seen in many pictures.



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