To eat healthy not always mean drastically change your eating habits to some super-diets. Also you don’t need to kiss a goodbye to your favorite food. It means a bit discipline and refuse unnecessary and unhealthy. Here are seven tips to help you start eat healthy and improve your life quality.

  • Make a plan.

Write down goals you want to achieve. It could be for example – lose weight, go to gym, refuse cakes etc. Separate them is smaller steps and put somewhere in front of you. Now, when you will read your plan every day, you will start to follow it. Once some task is done, you can check it or cross out. This will give you motivation to continue.

  • Say bye to sugar.

It won’t be enough just to avoid sweets and piece of cake. Turns out that in many other products you can find hidden sugar. Next tame when you are at grocery store, check out label and you will find out a lot about products you eat everyday.

  • Start your day with lemon-water.

Lemon-Water is a perfect way how to start your day. Put together warm water and lemon juice. This drink will give you energy, boost immunity and will take out toxins your body has collected overnight. 

  • Start day with light breakfast.

As we all know breakfast is most important meal of the day. It gives you proteins, vitamins, minerals and energy you need to start the day properly. Best breakfast is fresh products that you can prepare without cooking and boiling. You can eat fruits, muesli, yogurt etc. Grains are low in fat and high in iron. Milk will provide your organism with necessary amount of calcium. These two elements are often missing from our diet.

  • Choose natural.

Before eating, check origin of the product. Check compositions and expiring date. Remember that for natural products expiry date always will be shorter and on label there will be way less foreign words indicated chemical origin.  If you are not sure about origin of product, you better say no.

  • Listen to your body.

Listen to your body it knows better what do you need. Sometimes we are confusing thirst with hunger, and instead of glass of water, we are taking our second plate of potatoes.

  • Drink more water.

You have to drink water at every step, not less than 2-3 liters a day. It is best to drink clean water because any carbonated liquid not only does not fill our body with water, but completely opposite – sucks it out.

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