All vacations start with big first step- flight tickets.

As a travel agent I know how important it is to book at a right moment because even day here or there can make a huge difference in the price.

Don’t take vacation from work before you have found flight and know your dates. There is a chance that on your day’s flight can be even twice more expensive, however, if price is not a problem go ahead.

When I decided to take off to Bali, firstly I informed my boss that I will need 3-week vacation in February. After, I found perfect flight tickets and kept them on hold. Once I went to my boss with exact dates and he confirmed my vacation I booked flight.

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How to find perfect flight:

Make a research online. Find what dates and airlines suits best for you. As Bali is a small destination most of flights will have at least one-stop. If you read article about Next Level Vacation, you already know that it is possible to extend your stop for couple days. There are a lot of airlines going so you can consider to visit Malaysia, Africa, Thailand, and China as well. When I was flying to Bali, I extended my stop in China without paying a penny more.

Contact Travel Agent. They are literally there to find you best flights, best connections and best prices. Plus, they will hold your back when something goes wrong with the airline. You might think that there is a cost for their service but actually they can save you a lot of bucks.

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Travel Agencies is paying Airlines to have access their Special Fares. These fares are forbidden to display online so only way is to contact your Travel Agent.

When I was working at Travel Agency while the prices online showed around $600 our special fare with China Southern give us price of $ 370.

Even right now, whenever I need a tickets, I’m calling my friends from Agency.

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