Sometimes it’s almost Mission Impossible to come back from vacation/weekend and start an effective work day. We all have been there. We try to procrastinate and it totally ruins our productivity. Luckily, psychologist and author Dr. Travis Brad-berry, has made a list of habits you need to exclude from your routine in regards to have a productive day.

  • Snoozing the alarm

We all know the curse of snoozing alarm. You might want to treat yourself with 10 more minutes but actually you’re doing it only worse. After such a sleep you often feel more tired. This feeling may not go away for hours which of course will affect your productivity.

  • Multitasking

Doing multiple jobs at the same time is a real productivity killer. The desire to combine work often results in the inability to pay undivided attention which decrease the quality of work.  Avoid multitasking and pay full attention to one task.

  • Perfectionism

At the beginning of work, you must forget about perfectionism and simply go with the flow. We can correct our mistakes after, but if we haven’t started anything because of our fear to do something wrong, there won’t even be nothing to correct.

  • Work Meetings

While work meetings are essential when it comes to what matters, sometimes they tend to delay and even kill desire and ability to work hard and productively. Not always it is possible to avoid them but would be good to make them as short and concrete as possible.

  • Answering your emails

Of course everything depends on your job tasks, but if answering emails stand in second plan don’t rush. Productive people don’t let fallen mails in inbox affect their working plan. Instead they prioritize and respond to emails only when it’s good time.

  • Surfing in Internet

Based on expert thoughts it takes 15 minutes to concentrate on a particular job. Once they are spent, person goes down to a completely different stage where productivity is about five times higher. When you take your phone to scroll Facebook or check Instagram stories, you are taken out of this productivity stage and again you will need those 15 minutes to get back. If you are a person who loves to scroll, most likely you will never fall in that stage.

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