After a busy day at work, many of us turn on the TV, radio or our favorite music – to relax our brain. Sometimes it really allows you to switch your thoughts to something else, but does the brain relax? Science says- NO. Your brain would be more grateful for moment of silence. Silence literally makes our brains bigger, and us smarter.

When we are not distracted by sound, “quiet time” appear, allowing us to organize information in our brains.

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Silence relax you

Sound can have a big physical effect on our brain. The result is increased level of stress hormones. Sound waves reach the brain in the form of electrical signals through the ear. The body responds to signal even when asleep. Sound can activate brain’s core which responds for memory formation and emotions, causing the release of stress hormones.

Silence affects the brain opposite than sound. It creates peace. A studies, published in ‘’Heart’’ magazine, found that two minutes of silence can be even more relaxing than listening to “relaxing music”.

Silence make you more effective

It’s been found that sound can significantly interfere with tasks at work and school, and may also be a reason for reduced motivation and increase error rate. Cognitive functions such as reading, memory and problem solving is most influenced by sound. In silence, brain doesn’t have to spend any resources and attention on incoming signals, so it can function more effectively.

Silence make your brain grow

Magazine “Brain, Structure and Function” describes about an experiment in 2013 on mice. They investigated sound and silence effect on mouse brain. Researchers were surprised to find that after two hours of sound, the mouse was able to create new cells in the part of brain responsible for memory, emotions and learning.

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