We all are familiar with situations when there is an important task in front of us but our mind have decided to take a vacation somewhere in Mediterranean. If the long-known techniques doesn’t work, here is a scientist suggested four unusual ways of how to stay focused.

  • Daydream.

If you have to work but your mind is somewhere else, don’t push yourself to work. We spend a lot of time in a day simply daydreaming and fantasying, and it is not a laziness but completely opposite – it’s necessary process for our brains to function. While you are daydreaming your brain refresh and collect some energy that you can use later for work.

  • Watch a funny video.

Kittens, puppies or human error, whatever works for you watch it. Scientist has proven that the brain works more effectively when surrounded by free and enjoyable environment. Of course that doesn’t mean you have to watch them all day through.

  • Use ‘’Load Theory’’

In 1955, psychologist Nilli Lavie came up with a Load Theory. According to this, when the mind is overloaded, the brain system itself begins to choose what to focus on. Lavie’s experiment have shown that we work more effectively in chaos and disorder than sitting at empty table.

  • Take a break.

It can be very hard if deadline is already here and boss is watching over shoulder, however, it is very effectively. We are able to concentrate for maximum of 90 minutes and after that we need a 15 minutes break. Even a very short break, sometimes a few seconds, can help – as long as you don’t think about the task. Those who are trying to work nonstop in the end are more tired and making more mistakes.

Also Christian Oliver, Scientist of University of Amsterdam, agrees with this conclusion: “While working without interruption you will always feel stress and your concentration will weaken. Don’t forget to take break from time to time – you will be able to do much more with less mistakes”

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