Here you can find five recommended healthy habits that will make you feel and look better all day long. Practicing these tips on a daily basis will improve your health and make you happier.

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Wake up with alarm

At the beginning it will seem hard, especially if you are among those who snooze alarm 5 times in morning. However, the truth is simple, as more often you snooze alarm, as more stressful your day will begin. In the subconscious you became angry and even aggressive about fact that sooner or later you will have to get up. Or worse, you can oversleep. Better go with a little discipline and the day will be more enjoyable.

Take cool shower

Cool water gives a cheer and refreshes the skin. It narrows pores and improves blood circulation. Cold water also has a lower concentration of chlorine than hot what is important for skincare. Taking a cold shower twice a day for three minutes can prevent and possibly even cure depression.

Drink water

Recommended to drink 1-2 glasses of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach. After the night our body is also slightly dehydrated and glass of water is what it needs at this point. Add a slice of lemon or fresh lemon juice. It will take out toxins from your body and cleanse the liver.

Eat Breakfast

Especially breakfast give us energy throughout the day so it is advisable not to ignore it. Doctors recommend starting the day with oatmeal, which means more fiber and the amount of micro-nutrients the body needs. If you eat it every morning for breakfast, you lower your bad cholesterol by 10%. Oatmeal is rich in B vitamins, which are essential for the skin and help prevent dermatitis.  

Instead of coffee drink green tea, which will give you energy for a longer time than caffeine. The preferred fruits for breakfast are apples and pineapples.

Take care of your skin

No matter how sleepy you are in the morning, your skin activates regardless of you. For example, at eight o’clock is the time to apply skin cream. The blood circulation is maximally active so it is better for the skin to get a dose of cream that will protect against moisture loss.  From 3 pm till 6 pm the skin is tired so it will not absorb anything – the salon procedures will also be quite ineffective.

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