Limiting the weight of a suitcase is not just a requirement for airlines – the lighter bags are way comfortable to travel with. It will be easier to carry a light bag at the airport, pick up a bus, carry it and save space for your travel shopping.

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Consider size of luggage

Before going on a trip it’s worth to think that maybe with carry-on luggage is totally enough. You won’t have to wait in line at the airport to check in your luggage, but you can go to passport control right away.

With hand luggage is physically easier to travel. It will be by your side all the time. The bag won’t get lost by Airline or Airport, unless you are special and manage to lose it anyway. Worth knowing in advance how heavy and what size the selected airline will allow you to bring on board. Even if you are traveling by bus, it will be easier to carry a small bag with you.

Choose your outfits at home

First things first, carefully check-out the weather forecast and pick up just the most necessary clothing. If it is going to be raining, take a light raincoat instead of an umbrella. Some can do with two T-shirts while others want to bring almost everything in their wardrobe. When you see that the suitcase cannot be closed it is time to critically speak to yourself and discuss what actually needed, what not.

Unless you are going to an opera or other festive occasion, leave your evening dress, a white shirt with cuff-links and a few other similar items at home.

Be picky with shoes.

Shoes often takes a huge place in a suitcase so be extra careful here. If you see that you have brought several pairs of shoes with you, consider which shoes you really need to take and which ones are unlikely to survive.

The main thing is to be comfortable to walk around and most likely you will be wearing them all the way. However, if you decide to bring some more shoes with you, choose the lighter ones – which take up less space.

Whenever you are taking sneakers in your suitcase, you can fill them with socks or other small things using this space usefully.

Buy shower gel at destination

Cosmetic bag can end up very heavy , but if you really want to take it with you, pack it in the small travel bag! In addition, these things like shampoo or shower gel can definitely be bought locally at the destination.

Leave you books home

Work, study takes a lot of time, and vacation is the only time to read the three books you started? Certainly most days will be spent exploring the destination, sightseeing, visiting cafes, talking to new friends, so it is better to leave your books at home-for some rainy evenings in the fall.

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