Long-haul flights takes us to amazing places but can be real pain. To make it not an endless nightmare, these sixteen suggestions will help.

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Check-in online – Online check-in where made to make your way through airport more comfortable. Many airlines today offer check-in 24 hours before the flight, there you can choose your seats, meals, and save your precious time. Another great thing is airport self-service check-in stands. There you can get your boarding pass and walk right up to the security line

Choose right seats – its very important because you will spend most of time there.

  • Don’t take seat in first rows, that’s usually where family with kids will sit.
  • Choose seats near wings – There you won’t feel turbulence so much

Work-out before flight – A little exercise will help relieve stress. Besides, maybe it will make you tired, so it will be easier to fall asleep during the flight.

Before take-off walk around tax free zone – You have to understand that next 15 hours you will spend in a small seat with limited freedom of movement. Instead of sitting in a cafe and stuff your face with cakes, walk the shops, exercise your legs and make your blood vessels run faster in your veins.

Adjust the clock as soon as you board the plane – To switch to a different biorhythm as soon as possible, try to synchronize yourself with the time zone you are going to be in. If your destination is now ten in the evening, try to sleep in the first half of the flight.

Take Power-Bank – If there won’t be charger on the plane your phone or tablet will still be able to entertain you. Plus Power-Bank is super useful when going on vacation because most of your time you are spending outside. Google maps, translate applications and social networking will killing your battery very fast.

Charge your phone – If all the charging spots at airport is taken be creative. You can kindly ask to charge your phone at some restaurant/cafe or Quietly connect the charger to the USB jack on the back of the airport TV.

Take some sweater with you – Firstly you have to dress as comfortable as possible, secondly it’s usually gets quite cold when you are sleeping at plane.

Dress comfortable – It is very difficult to sit in tight jeans for 15 hours on an airplane. Bring your pajamas and put on them immediately after boarding the aircraft.

Take travel pillow – They are super helpful when it comes to sleeping in a plane and doesn’t take space in your luggage.

Get Drunk – if nothing helps get drunk. Sleep will be better. Good Night!

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