Most European cities are preparing for the Christmas season very particular, in an effort to attract tourists. Christmas and New Years time is a great chance of going on a short or long trip and catch the holiday mood. Visit Christmas markets, watching cities dressed in festivities, fireworks, music and enjoying delicious food . The biggest cities in Europe are very tempting for tourists, but the holidays are not long enough to visit everyone. So here is list of 6 best European City-breaks to catch Christmas feelings.


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The first place to go for Christmas is definitely the Czech Republic, or more precisely Prague, where every year a great holiday mood is created, even the special aura, felt by anyone visiting the city during Christmas. Every year in Prague, a special holiday package is created that includes fairs, concerts, matching decorations and a special atmosphere – Prague knows how to prepare for the holidays! It is a city with a good Christmas reputation. It could be said that even advertising is not needed here.

Lapland and Helsinki

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We definitely can’t forget Lapland and Helsinki in Finland. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations during the Christmas season. Often, this direction is taken by families with children – the place where Santa Claus lives. It does not require any unnecessary comment as it alone creates the appropriate festive mood. This place is each of us associated with white winter, Christmas sounds, reindeer, gifts, gingerbread and, most importantly, Santa!


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Christmas is immediately followed by New Year’s Eve, and many celebrate their holiday in Russia, most often Moscow. People enjoy the holiday atmosphere – big celebrations, dances and music. It is a special way of celebrating, with many different traditional features of Russia – costumes, decorations, songs and food, as well as many other things that make the celebration unique and different.


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Another popular destination is Poland. A distinctly Catholic country with festive traditions and very thoughtful preparation. Poland is characterized by a variety of festive charity events and fairs. There come people who want to experience the holiday from a religious point of view, giving it a different meaning.


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It seems that Vienna is a classic example where Christmas is celebrated in the way many people imagine – fairs, hot drinks, various souvenirs, decorations, beautifully designed shop windows. Want to stop by each counter and take a piece of this adorable fairy tale. When you’re out for a walk around the Christmas city, tasting roasted chestnuts, caramelized almonds, and Vienna’s special apple strudel, be sure to visit the Christmas Concert right here in Vienna’s Town Hall.


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Every year, more than 2 million people visit Hamburg’s historic Christmas Market on the city’s Town Hall Square, where you can buy gifts and dine on traditional delicacies – fried apples, gingerbread, mulled wine. Every day at 16:00, 18:00 and 20:00 Santa Claus flies across the market in his sleigh. But that is not all that the German markets are famous for.

Hamburg has the only 18+ Christmas market in the world, located in the red light district of Hamburg. In case you want something more spicy and gingerbread isn’t really that, then probably this market will be just in time.

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