Men are quite mysterious creatures who often choose to hide their true feelings. And women have to shake their heads, “What does he think about me?” and draw conclusions based on intuition. But intuition alone will not be enough … Here are some suggestions on how to know that you like him, even if he doesn’t show it openly.

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“Maybe …”

If at the meeting, during your speech, he thinks of “tightening” the tie, tying the collar, tapping the neck and hair, and pointing the legs in the way that socks are visible, then he is interested. However, this interest may also be completely unrelated sexually. Maybe he’s just really interested in what you’re talking about.

“I don’t lie …”

If, during a conversation, a man does not hide his hands, but on the opposite – demonstrates them and raises them up – he is most likely speaking the truth or what he really thinks.

“I want to be closer …”

  • The classic “socializing” distance is from 3.5 meters and above;
  • Transaction – from 1.5 to 3.5 meters;
  • Friendly – from 0.75 to 1.5 meters
  • Closer – it is already quite intimate contact.

If your intended man is trying to get closer to you, so he wants to be closer to you in the truest sense of the word. Some do not like “cavalry attack” style and they are approaching slowly.

“Hug you …”

Having a man stretching out his arms (or leaning against a stair rail, the back of a chair) while talking to you is a very open symbol that he wants to hug you.

“I like you …”

His touch can tell a lot:

  • If his palms are up before handshake, he is ready to follow you
  • “Gloves” – when both his palms catch one hand, express sincerity and friendliness;
  • If a man touches your arm or elbow, it is a hidden expression of affection.

“I want you to like me…”

A man, to please a particular woman, begins to “improve” himself, just as animals do during mating. He puts himself in order from head to toe – just as he remembered to groom, pull in his belly, tidy his clothes, and so on.

“I want you …”

  • Hands on hips – when a man is standing,
  • Legs are extended, while he is sitting,
  • Long fingers are “hooked” behind the waist –

All these postures serve only to show the woman her sex appeal and indirectly focus on her genitals.

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