It’s such an exciting moment when you start a new relationship and you are in love. New relationship create new, uplifting feelings. Unfortunately, some relationships tend to fall apart when they have just begun. When you start meeting someone, it’s very simple to make mistakes that scare the other person away. Of course, each relationship is very individual and unique, but here are some universal tips on how to start a new relationship.

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Too much attention

When a person falls in love, all he wants to do is spend as much time as possible with his new crush, getting to know him better. Sometimes you can become obsessed and this can be the main reason for a failed relationship. Such a passion for each other – it just pushes him away from you.

Be Yourself

When you like someone, it’s natural that you try to please the other person and be more attentive to him. However, the game of pretending someone else is very difficult. When you do, it is difficult for the other person to appreciate you. Be yourself from the very beginning of a relationship.

Don’t compare with your ex

Each person is unique and individual. There is no need to discuss your past relationship with your new crush. If you don’t talk about your ex yourself, don’t ask them do it either. The dating period should be long enough to get to know each other.

Go with the flow

You just started dating your new crush and have planned a wedding, a happy family with three kids and a dog already!? Wait a second. Do not create illusions about your common future until you know the other person. Remember, relationships must be natural. No need to confess love already on the third date.

Spread compliments

If you want to impress your new crush, you can be proud of your personality, interests, hobbies, etc. However don’t over-try and make it annoying. When he / she talks about something listen carefully. Men, for example, will never admit that they like compliments! Giving your boyfriend / girlfriend a compliment, it builds self-esteem and respect. You can praise your partner for his work or personal qualities.

Don’t be a spy

If you have common friends, don’t try to ask them countless questions about your potential loved one. Remember, you can’t judge a person by their social networking profiles either. The best way to understand your partner is to spend time communicating.

No one is perfect

Many relationships break down because of too high demands on the other person. You have to learn each other’s flaws and weaknesses. Remember, no one is perfect, neither are you. Treat each other naturally and you will succeed!

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