Distance relationships are complex by nature – you are in one place, your other half is in another. You meet face-to-face rarely, most often you are in different countries and time zones, sometimes even continents apart. But there is a reason why you are trying to maintain that relationship, keep in touch, and look forward to seeing each other again.

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Although sometimes people around tell you that such a relationship doesn’t make sense, or try to convince you that it’s better to look for someone within reach, you don’t have to give up the dream of being together!

Avoid unnecessary communication

Sometimes you feel the need to compensate for distance by continuous communication in order to maintain a good relationship, but that is not the case. Be aware that too many questions and news a day can, firstly, bother you, secondly, make you feel like trying to control each other.

Don’t exaggerate and find the perfect moment to talk when you’re really tired or have something exciting to tell your loved one.

Talk with meaning

Communication is necessary, but it must be meaningful! Morning greetings and a good night wish are definitely a necessity, as are pictures or videos of the places or events you have been to and which you would love to share.

Sees distance as an opportunity

One person once said, “If you want to live together, you first have to learn how to live apart.” And truly, you should look at it as opportunity to get to know each other even more and become stronger in this way. You do not have to be together all the time, and if you learn to be independent but love and trust each other, it will only lead to a stronger bond between you.

Set the rules

Before you leave, one of the conditions is to agree on “terms”. For example, can you meet other people, have fun with them and have an intimate relationship, or vice versa – wait for each other, only make friendly relationships with others and only meet friends. There must be clear rules and transparency if you want a relationship to succeed!

Do common activities

Agree to watch a movie, read a book, or take the ridiculous online test you’ve always wanted to know results. After these steps, call and discuss your experience. This way, you will feel that you have done something together and will be able to talk about the same thing by expressing your opinion. It will be a shared experience.

Keep a reminder of each other nearby

Before leaving, give each other a gift or item that will be associated with the other person. For example a hoodie or soft teddy bear with a sewn word or a message. A picture frame that will stand on the table and always serve as a reminder will also help.

Visit each other

Finally, visit each other or agree on the country / city where you will meet and spend your holidays together. Being divorced doesn’t mean you can’t meet from time to time.


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