Do not starve yourself. Our sensitive body responds immediately to a lack of calories with fat storage. All you need to do is eat your food smart

Drink water. Make sure to drink 1 or 2 glasses of water before a meal (20 minutes). Water will weaken the feeling of hunger and you will eat less as a result.

Eat light. Make sure you prepare light vegetable soup for lunch or dinner.

Eat according to the “10 and 90” rule. Your daily diet should contain 10% of your favorite food and 90% of your healthy diet. It is quite difficult for real sweet lovers to live without sweets. Better satisfy your need with sweet fruits or vegetables. Very few fats and calories are in diet cocoa.

It is better to eat often but little. For snacking, it is better to use fruits and vegetables

Use small plates. Teach yourself to eat from small plates and do not eat more than can be put on the plate.

Replace anything that can be replaced. For example, instead of mayonnaise on sandwiches, use mustard. Fatty, high-calorie cheese replace with low-fat cheese. Replacing half of meat with minced mushrooms or beans when mincing meat.

Remember about exercise. You will feel the benefit if you regularly perform jumps and jumps with a jump rope. Think of a reward system for yourself. For example, after every 10 minutes of working out, throw in the coin in piggy bank. Set a goal for yourself to buy a necklace or a beautiful swimsuit for the money you save in this way. For failed exercises, punish yourself taking out coins from the savings bank.

If you are “not friends” with sports, come up with activities that will help you get the exercise you need. For example, you can forget about the existence of an elevator in your house and climb the stairs.

Use self-inspiration and visualization techniques. When you fall asleep, you are can imagine your goal. If you can clearly imagine it, you can definitely get it!

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