In 1968, American doctor Kenneth Cooper invented a series of tests that measure a person’s physical strength. Each lasted exactly 12 minutes. For example, the farther you can run in 12 minutes – the stronger your body and the better your physical fitness. Later it turned out that “12 Cooper Minutes” has a much wider application. A study of two thousand couples proved: 12 minutes is enough to interest a partner. This is How to pass the Cooper Test on a first date and win the heart of a man.

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1:00 minute. Smile

The phrase “love at first sight” can safely be paraphrased as “love at first smile”. 64% of men point out that the smile of a woman is the exact factor that dedicates further communication.

2:00 minute. Appearance

How deep and beautiful is your soul, he will find out later. Of course, if you pass the second test minute. Exactly at this point, the partners unconsciously evaluate each other’s appearance. Old-fashioned shoes or a bad hairstyle can be still ignored, but the unpleasant fragrance will pull the bar for future relationships in 60% of cases.

3:00 minute. Synesthesia

Humans, like animals, can react differently to different types of irritation. For example, a particular fragrance woke up childhood memories and a color “turns on” the melody in the head. Sexual smell, comfortable conditions, and pleasant taste will help to seduce the partner without even noticing it.

4:00 minute. Visual contact

58% of men have very important visual contact with a partner. Do not forget to look confidently in the eye of each other. But don’t overdo it! You don’t have to literally swallow him.


5:00 minute. Voice timbre

There are some lucky ones in the world born with the seductive voice of Scarlett Johansson, some have learned to model it. According to statistics, at least a quarter of men pay more attention to the woman’s voice during the meeting.

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6:00 minute. Four questions

It is time to start the real conversation. Harvard University professionals are rushing to help. Forget the cliché questions – “What are you doing?”, “How was your day?” or the notorious “about time” topic of conversation. Using a mathematical algorithm, Harvard University experts calculated four questions that will determine your compatibility.

  • “Do you like horror movies?”
  • “Have you ever traveled alone?”
  • “Do you think it would be great to leave everything and live on boat?”
  • “Which ingredient would you add to your pizza?”

If your partner answered questions like you, science gives the green light to your relationship.

7:00 a minute. WhatsApp?

82% of men will get supper annoyed if at first meeting your phone will keep calling or a vibrating. As you prepare for a date, forget about text messages and social networks and don’t interrupt the conversation to answer a “very important” message.

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8:00 minute. Flattery

There are two types of flattery: the truest and the one that raise the eyebrows. Yes, men, of course, like compliments, but you should avoid false flatters. False notes in your voice will at best be ignored, but at worst will deny you a second chance.

9:00 a minute. Job interview

The most common mistake of the first meeting is when the conversation turns into a tennis tournament or a recruitment interview in a question-and-answer format. Feel the soil: Which topics do you find pleasant and interesting, and which are uncomfortable for them to talk about?

  • The most popular taboo topics are wealth and ex-relationships.
  • Do not ask closed-ended questions, which can be answered with “yes” or “no”.

Choose replies that will help your partner discover. But answer any question itself as if you were talking about something very pleasant.

10:00 minute. Speed


The rate at which a man lets a new woman into his life is statistically much lower than for a woman. Don’t rush things or do things too fast! If a woman breaks into a private space too fast, reveals too much about herself, or speaks banally quickly – 83% of men will feel discomfort.

For example, scientists have proven that the most proficient speech rate is 125-150 words per minute.

11:00 minute. Humor

A great sense of humor – one of the sexiest qualities of a woman, which will make a man fall in love with you. However, even the most innocent jokes must not touch the people around you or the man himself.

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12:00 minute. Second chance

Studies have shown that men are almost twice as liberal as women, and even if the first date was a failure, they are ready to give second chance.

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