You had a great evening with the most wonderful guy in the world. It was a real dream date – well, like in the movies. You exchanged phone numbers, but … He just doesn’t call you after that. Why?

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  • You met in a nightclub and spent a great night there. Most likely, you both were more or less drunk, and the next morning, when the guy got sober, his thoughts changed.
  • Only you think the date was amazing. Perhaps it was one of the worst days of his life.
  • When you described your ideal man, he simply realized that he was the complete opposite.
  • He lost your number or forgot how he wrote you down in his smartphone’s address book.
  • You openly admitted to him that you still aren’t divorced from your current friend, although you are about to do so in the near future.
  • He promised to call just to get what he wanted from you. In fact, he knew right away that he would never call you again.

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  • You accidentally said something that offended him. For example: “Despite the fact that by the age of 25 your hair are starting to fall back you’re a sympathetic guy, though! ”
  • He liked more the girl he took on a date the day after your meeting.
  • Your date ended just ten minutes ago. Please be patient!

  • Most of the evening you talked on the phone, and he was just waiting for you to stop.
  • During the meal, you were flirting with the guy sitting at the next table.
  • At dinner, you try to persuade him to invite his friends to join your date. Or, offered to call your friends and invite them to come here and continue to party. He may have realized that his company is not interesting to you.

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  • You were too serious. The first date is not a job interview, when one asks you and the other answers questions, and where the perfect people should be pretended. The purpose of the first meeting is to get to know each other so you do not have to be afraid to get a little chill.
  • You didn’t show that he seemed sympathetic to you. Do not forget that men sometimes do not understand hints and do not read between the lines.
  • Don’t laugh at his jokes. It is very important in relationships that people have similar sense of humor.
  • Most likely he is hoping that you will call him. So go on girl!

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