Before you send a text message to a man you have just met, you will probably think twice about the use of emoticons, punctuation and text in general. However, often the final choice is far from the best. Here is a list of 5 things you don’t want to send your crush if you want to hear from him ever again.

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Only Few of us like to receive a text message repeating several letters, making the text chaotic. Don’t write “Heyyyyyyy!”, “Whats upppp?”, “Okeyyyyy” if you do not want to annoy a man (in principle, this applies to every recipient of a message, regardless of gender). Instead, follow the rules of punctuation and spelling.

Double and Triple texting

Most of us has been in situation when there is no reply to a text message and we are sending another question to our object of affection, later, of course, regretting it. Most men will see women who send two, three, and even four messages without a reply as strange.

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To keep his interest and even increase it without getting a response message, don’t start the communication first, and from time to time allow the man to be the initiator of the conversation!

Useless abbreviations

Teen-specific acronyms as YOLO, LOL, and LMAO certainly do not fit in with intelligent, adult female correspondence. Instead, they openly tell the man that he makes them laugh, encouraging conversation rather than sending a couple of letters.

“Ok”, “Whatever”

These are definitely not positive words, because they seem negative even if you don’t think so. In addition, they may even appear rude when responding to a long message. Instead, it is advisable to use extended sentences and phrases that will express enthusiasm and interest unless expressing anger is not your goal.

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“Can’t wait to meet you !!!!;) :): * :))))”

A lot of screaming, smiling, kissing etc. faces look silly, and can also look like false emotions. In case you really can’t wait to meet a loved one, just write to them that you are waiting for a meeting and don’t overdo emoji!

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