Your relationship intentions are serious, but how about his? If you meet any of these signs, run away from this man. The only exception is if you are down for sex without commitment as well.

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An invitation to have sex before the first dinner

You may not consider this a sign of danger unless you both have quite a bit of intimidation and serious intentions tonight. Similarly, a man’s sexual interest will be shown by the topic of conversation, which is only about and around sex. Maybe he is proud of his sexual adventures? Maybe the number of sex partners? You know, these are all signs that he sees you only as a sex object. He probably does not want to know the depths of your soul.

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He doesn’t make you feel special

You have agreed to quickly meet his friends and then go on a romantic journey, but he suddenly changes his mind and accepts his friends’ spontaneous invitation to bake meat. He laughs, makes friends, stuffs the face but you’re left alone. Do not allow yourself to be humiliated for longer. In this situation, get up and leave! Such a man is definitely not your prince in white Mercedes.

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He only calls late at night


At best, that means he’s a workaholic or a super busy man. He’ll probably call to make sure you have plans for the evening, so maybe tonight he’ll be able to get on your sheets and get along with you. Is that how you imagine a serious relationship? He is skipping the flower, champagne, movie or cafe phase. Be more valuable!

He talks about others

If on a date instead of questioning you and exploring your emotional and soul world, he constantly talks about himself, other women, and his fantastic flirting techniques, you know – he wants to get you, too, as a trophy. Do you want it?

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His phone is with him all the time


If even in the late hours of the night, he does not let his phone out of his hand and constantly responds to text messages excusing with work, you have good reason to think that someone else is behind the job. Who knows, maybe his wife?

He is not there for you

You have crossed the phase of first dates, but now you are worried about what kind of relationship you have, because he is never by your side when you want to cry on his shoulder or have fun. What holds you together? What feelings, emotions, activities, common ways to spend time? If it’s just sex, consider if that’s what you want.


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