Not enough energy although you sleep well and exercise? In the evening there is no strength for the family or for yourself? There are reasons for this phenomenon.

A few days watch your routine carefully, write down how you spend your time, what makes you happy, what makes you sad, compare your notes with our list. The next step will be to eliminate your energy “eaters”.

Involvement in other people’s situations, negative events

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Failure to protect your personal space, maintain a favorable inner state affects your emotional state and negatively affects your energy resources. It is common in the community to show compassion to people in distress. It is normal. But we were not taught how to do it properly.

For unknown reasons, it is believed that going into strange problems and starting to suffer together is compassion and participation.

But if everyone around starts suffering, will it be easier for the victim? It is more important to maintain inner balance, harmony and then help. It will be more useful to the person you want to help. Don’t allow yourself to completely sink into the pain of one another, learn how to stop in time.

Focusing on the problem

Again and again you are going through the same situation, wondering who said and what said, what you answered, what you could answer, and why you didn’t, and what will happen now. You’re already powerless.

People mistakenly believe that if they think about a problem, a solution can be found. Instead, focus on the solution.


Any resistance takes a lot of energy. For example, you have to do something important but you do not want it. You resist. This way you spend a lot of time on secondary activities and the important thing remains unfulfilled.

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You are powerless and feel frustrated that you did not do the right thing. Remember what causes resistance, what action. Why don’t they produce results? Resistance is an internal conflict. Some part of you do not support this decision. Try to understand why.

Overwhelmed with thoughts

A great thinking process consumes a great deal of energy. If this process is out of your control, then no wonder you can feel tired. You don’t even need a lot of physical effort, you just get tired of endless speculation. So control your thoughts. You can’t control what thoughts come to your mind, but you have the power to choose which thoughts to leave.

Keep in mind the thoughts that make you happier, more productive, moving forward inspire.

Gossip and complaints

If you are gossiping or complaining you lose your energy. After such conversations you feel tired, emptied. Think about why you need that kind of communication.

Does it make you happy? Replaces toxic contact with constructive communication, don’t support such conversations. Instead of complaining, think about how you can resolve your issue.

Being in the crowd, especially the negative

Most people can feel another person’s mood, especially when he is not in a good mood. If there are many people like this: rallies, football games, etc., this energy chaos can ruin you, especially if you are not ready for it and do not master the methods of energy protection. Sometimes it is difficult to recover immediately after being in the crowd. Loss of energy can be accompanied by headaches, physical illness.

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Communication with squeals, victims, manipulators

There are people with whom you feel comfortable, and there are people with whom you feel exhausting. As an adult, you can make choices with who to talk and about what. If there are such people in your area, it is advisable to minimize communication with them and, if this is not possible, learn how to steer the conversation and easily lead it in a neutral bed.

Continuous suppression of negative emotions

Everyone knows that it is not desirable to convey negative emotions to other people. That’s why people often keep their emotions. From outside, the problem seems solved, the person looks calm, and most importantly, polite. But emotions don’t go away. Inside, a storm rages.

Conclusion: Learn to release emotions, both positive and negative. You have rights to do so.

Practicing what is not yours

If a person does not have his own goals, priorities, is easy to manipulate, he constantly swings from side to side. Here, a friend invited you to join him on a trip, and the child asked you to help with his lessons, although he was able to cope well. The result is that you get involved in other people’s affairs, responsibilities, spend yourself in the details, instead of doing what you need. Even if the time was right, you wouldn’t even have the power to think about what you would like.

Sometimes it is done deliberately because person does not want to do his or her tasks because they require determination, leaving the comfort zone. He spends his energy helping others, and tiredness serves as an excuse for not achieving his own goals and tasks.

If it’s about you, stop and think – what do you want from this life.

Is it really your dream to solve other people’s problems all your life? What about your wishes?

TV, internet, social networks

The Internet, social networks, TV are the true thieves of time, but also of your energy, if you don’t stop in time and focus on other important things. Honestly – how much time do you spend on social networks? Went for a moment and didn’t notice how the hour passed? TV has long been abandoned by many modern people.

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Do an experiment – Record how much time you spend on social networks and the internet, during the day. This number will surprise you.

Of course, you do not have to give up the Internet altogether. Set a specific time of day when you can go social, surf the web, watch TV. For example, 1 hour a day depending on your occupancy.

Unfinished past relationships

An unfinished relationship of the past directs your energy from the present, focusing your attention not on the future but on the past. Find strength and leave the past in the past, look the truth in the eyes, throw away illusions.

If you still think there is hope for a relationship, take the first step and find out the relationship with that person. Whatever the end of the conversation, it will help to make a point or start a new phase of the relationship. In any case, you will no longer live with past or future hopes.

You will recover most of your energy and move it towards realistic goals.

Fights, long-term conflict

Hate and anger at another person not only takes away energy, but destroys it from inside. It threatens to lose health in the future. Stop investing your energy in fight, show power, wisdom and put an end to it. You may look weak in the eyes of your opponent (which is not really the case), but save yourself.

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