Many couples are living together in a false relationship not even realizing it. There is a huge difference between those who talk about love and those who simply know what it is. There are many things to keep in mind in order to have a real relationship because we all manipulate, pretend and “play”. But human nature is given the ability to love for real. Is it worth spending your life on a false relationship?

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Bad communication

Good communication is base of a good relationship – it is necessary for you to be able to “grow” in your relationship and solve problems. But if you are not able to talk (for example, without arguing) in your relationship or you find your partner’s problem “ridiculous”, it really means that you do not have a common standard in your relationship and have different goals.

Show off

Have you come across couples you often hear saying, “They are the perfect couple! So fit for each other! ”. Such couples often show very active attention to one another in society, emphasizing the fact that they are ‘couple’ and ‘in a relationship’. In society, they are always holding hands and smiling at each other. But often, this playful emotionalism actually shows the opposite – they are just in the eyes of other people and friends, and they don’t even look at each other at home, let alone touch.

No Butterflies

If you were asked how you can describe your relationship, you would say “normal”. You have no wonderful moments to remember, no memories that make butterflies in the belly dance. In true relationships, this does not happen. If you don’t feel it for each other and can’t remember those moments, maybe it’s really not worth the time….

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Lost in forest

In the beginning of relationship, may happen that everything is a bit mysterious, “foggy”, but it certainly shouldn’t be after a while. Especially when you feel lost in the forest in a relationship. If you continue to feel that way after months of living together, obviously this is not the right person you should be with.

Fight for power

Forgetting about egoism in relationship is obvious. However, if you are in a constant struggle for “power”: who is right and who is not, they are not real. This means that you lack love and understanding for one another. Only you and your egoism are important.

Not emotionally intimate

If you are one of those couples who is in the best shape of sex, but every time you have to talk about or solve a problem, a disaster occurs, it shows that you are not emotionally intimate. The only way you feel to understand the other “by the half-word” is the bedroom. That means you’re in a physical relationship, but that’s just a small part of the relationship.

No Introduction with friends

A person who is serious about you wants to make you a part of his life, he always introduces you to his friends and his family. But if you don’t know much about your partner, it’s worth wondering why?

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