There are different ways to travel and each is tailored to a specific type of person. Some people choose to spend their vacation on the beach sand, others want to see the most spectacular tourist attractions, someone just search for adventure of their own. Get to know the seven types of travelers and don’t forget to leave in comments which one are you.

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Weekend traveler

So you like to travel, but you love your 8h working day even more, and you are not ready to leave the work to travel for six months? Don’t worry, you can still travel with short holiday trips.

Search for cheap airfare deals, depart on Friday evening and return on Sunday, getting all the magic of travel in a very short time.

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Travel hunters

You follow all social networking sites and airlines, always ready to catch a sudden and profitable trip or flight. If you can easily change your agenda and you are the “boss” to yourself, then the best deals are for you. Often in social networks, the discerning ones see good deals, pack their bags and travel. For relatively free people who can plan their own time, this is a great opportunity to travel inexpensively.

French class travelers with hobbies

If you are in charge of everything on a daily basis and stress is your best friend, a carefree, comfortable trip to one of the Club Med resorts is a natural choice. French company Club Med was founded more than 60 years ago. Its success story is based on carefully selected All Inclusive services, highlighting the opportunity to develop your hobby skills with professional instructors during your travels.

The Club Med system is a recreation of 75 exclusive towns on five continents. All the towns are located in the most picturesque and ecologically clean places. While adventurers tend to look at all-inclusive vacationers from above, this is a misconception. A major difference from All Inclusive is the unique ability of these resort holidaymakers to use instructor training in skiing, tennis, golf, sailing and even the circus trapeze with the famous Cirque du Soleil.


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Backpacking is a kind of limited budget trip. You don’t have to be a hippie, but a fan of exploring worlds and cultures. This type of travel is in contrast to Club Med, and most often goes hand in hand with long-term travel. Many backpackers are young, but there are always exceptions. Only the essentials are taken with you in your backpack. The journey is usually in constant movement, going from one place to another in search of the cheapest accommodation possible.

In some countries, the tradition or the so-called “Gap Year” is a backpacking trip that young people are taking before going to college. Typically, this is a year dedicated to traveling the world before stepping in the so-called “adult life”. Often such a trip is tied to volunteering.

Group Traveler

The stereotype is that only older people go on group trips. But in reality, group travel is for those looking for match of all ages with common interests and passions.

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Group Travel is suitable for social, friendly and open-minded travelers who are attracted not only by a beautiful and planned trip, but also by traveling companions who share common interests. Also a good choice for those who are afraid of the language barrier.

Event Traveler

Sports fans and music lovers – this trip is for you. You want to attend the world’s biggest sporting events and music festivals and watch it for yourself. Typically, event travel packages are coupled with a ticket to a sports or entertainment event and to another service, such as a hotel, a cheap bus or flight offer.

Educational tourists

Educational tourism is a completely separate travel option, most commonly used by students. Study abroad or summer foreign language courses are another way of combining something useful and pleasant. Study abroad always involves the opportunity to get to know a new culture and place, and the most ambitious are usually able to combine learning with traveling in the immediate area.

Being located in a particular country offers other and often cheaper opportunities to travel to neighboring countries. In addition, studying abroad always ensures being in a multinational environment, which often results not only in knowledge of the new language but also in new friends from all over the world who always encourage you to come visit.


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