Summer is the best time to strengthen your body and already take care of your health in winter.

“Hardening helps the body adapt more quickly to adverse weather conditions and to better manage stress.

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Hardening make your immune system stronger and ensures that it is ready to be involved in the fight for the health of the body when necessary. With hardening, the body becomes stronger and more energetic.

It is important to remember that in order to preserve the results obtained in the summer, hardening must continue even in colder weather. So here is suggestions of what you can do right now, to avoid getting sick in winter.

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Air bathing

Air baths or staying in the fresh air in a swimsuit, underwear or naked hardens the body. Air baths will work most effectively when the air temperature is around 17-20 °C. Initially, they can last from 5 to 10 minutes, but gradually increase to an hour.

Since air baths do not require physical effort on their own, light exercise such as morning nap, deep breathing or yoga is recommended. After that, a shower, especially a contrast shower (alternating cool and warm water) is recommended.

Sun bathing

During these times, the body absorbs such an important vitamin D through the skin. The most common mistake is excessive tanning. Sun bathing helps the body to harden, but it is important to do it safely. Initially, as long as the skin is not sunburned, the time in the sun should not exceed 10 to 15 minutes, but it can be gradually increased to 30 minutes.

Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot is valuable because all the foot muscles that are responsible for balance, body support, posture are operated.

There are countless nerve endings in the feet that stimulate blood circulation and relieve tension.

For barefoot walking it is recommended to walk on grass, sand, gravel, olives. There is no time limit for this activity, it can be done as long as physically possible, and you can walk barefoot on different pavements not only in summer but also in cooler weather.

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Activities in water

Bathing in the lake, river or sea should definitely be started in the summer and should be done regularly and for as long as possible, even in autumn. If the water seems cold, you can start hardening by taking a very short time – 1-2 minutes – in the water. Swimming, jumping or just moving in the water will improve your well-being, reduce stress and tiredness, and improve blood circulation.


An active lifestyle and exercise is one of the first preconditions for good health and well-being, so during the summer you should spend as much time as possible outdoors in the fresh air, being physically active. It is best advised to choose the most suitable forms of active lifestyle for each individual – running, walking, cycling, hiking, sports.

Exercise strengthens the body, it is important not to overload it, exercise should be moderate – it will speed up metabolism, the body’s processes will be more complete, faster breathing, which provides additional oxygen uptake, and thus will activate energy production.

Stimulation of skin receptors

To strengthen the body’s defenses, rubbing with a coarse cloth towel after a shower is recommended.

This will help stimulate the skin’s receptors, that way improving blood circulation.

For effect, you need to move from the periphery to the center (starting from the feet and moving upwards, as well as from the palms to the center of the body).

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Don’t forget the fingers and toes as there are many activation points in the body. Similar to the earlobe and scalp – it is also recommended to massage.

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