It is in the nature of women to solve problems in silence, and to speak loudly only when she has already taken a radical solution. However, when a woman has already quietly decided to end a relationship but is not ready to talk about it loud, you can be sure that her behavior will change.

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You’re the last to know something about her. Especially when it comes to good news. In a happy relationship, you will want your loved one to know all that is happening first, but if the relationship is on the verge of collapse, you have to admit that you will be the last to know, if you will get to know at all.

She’s is no longer flirting. Especially when you look at her with passion and lust – she will be cold. If by now you had a regular exchange of sweet messages, agitating conversations, and there were many passionate moments between you, then the moment she wants to end the relationship, she will become closed.

She’s getting different. She has changed her visual image or started doing things she hasn’t done before. Avoiding moments together and making excuses indicates that she is tired of you.

She enjoys moments when you are not together. This is a clear indication that something is wrong with your relationship. Most often in such a situation, women also start to avoid hugs and kisses by men. They just don’t want to be in this relationship anymore.

She often gives up. Especially when there is fight between you. Previously she was ready to argue, but now she is just giving up? She lets it all go by herself and no longer sees the point in trying to influence your opinion. This is the way how women makes you realize that it is the last moment in the relationship to make a difference.

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You are no longer going to sleep at the same time. It’s just because she avoids intimate moments with you. She no longer wants to engage in discussions because she is tired of them. Moreover, this only happens when the mayor of a woman is already full, and she thinks there is nothing to save in the relationship.

She ignores your family. She no longer laughs at your family jokes and avoids family activities.

She watches your favorite TV shows without you. This is one of the most serious signs that she no longer wants to be with you. While this may seem ridiculous must admit that watching a favorite series together is one of the cutest activities for couples.

She is no longer jealous. You’ll agree that being too jealous can be annoying, but sometimes it’s nice. It indicates that you are special to this woman. However, if that is no longer the case, she don’t care about you anymore.

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