Sometimes, there are people around us who get really jealous of our success. The reason for this is banal human envy. Haters suffer from a complex and don’t believe in their abilities, so they are annoyed by the achievements and success of others. Usually, these people are around us, pretending to be happy about our achievements.

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In fact, they are jealous of the success of others, and in anger can even cause some serious harm. “” has gathered signs that let you know that you are more or less secretly envied.


A person who envies your career success, your relationship or family, your clothes, etc. will unknowingly try to copy you. Moreover, he can do so blindly and obsessed that he will not even notice what is happening.

Who likes stealing his ideas, his style, his life? But instead of being angry (you have it right, it is normal), it is better to let this person know that he/she should find his / her own place in life. Explain that he is much more likely to succeed without pretending to be someone else.

Hypocritical compliments

A jealous person will surround you with compliments, praise and highlight in every way possible. It will be enough to turn your back to him and he will begin to criticize you and tell all kinds of nonsense.

Instead of admitting their envy and trying to get rid of these emotions, such people will try to pretend they don’t care.

Never descend to their level. If they deserve praise, praise. After all, you’re not them, right?

Undermining other people’s success

Haters are constantly trying to downplay or even deny other people’s achievements. They even lie and gossip.


Remember, arguing with them or trying to prove something is a waste of time. Do your job and least worried about what they are talking behind you.

Bad joy for every mistake you make

It will take to make the slightest mistake, as hater is already growing in front of you, like a mushroom after a fruitful rain, with the words “Didn’t I warn you!”. Your least failure is a source of joy and happiness for him.

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Don’t let his poison your world. You know where you’re going, and that’s your way. No one will ever force you to turn away from it.

He’ll leave you with the slightest … success

Usually, people praise us and want to stay with our friends while we succeed. If we fail, they run away like rats from a sinking ship. This is understandable – we can no longer be useful to them.

Haters do the opposite. They run away if you reach your goals and move on.

Explanation – Your well-being only makes them feel less worthy and that increases their envy.

They don’t want to be around more successful persons so to not hurt themselves, they run away. If you fail, they will come back. But not to support or help. No, they will come to cheer for your misfortune.

You will always be their competitor

Haters will always see you as a competitor because they want to be better than you. They will do anything to prove it.

Don’t get caught up in their provocations. Such ‘competition’ is unhealthy and very harmful. Their purpose is not only to show that they are better but also to break you, to destroy you. So – let them compete with themselves. Or the same as them. You do not need such “battles”.

Gossip and rumors

Haters will not miss the opportunity to talk behind you. As you understand, there won’t be compliments. They will spread the purest and most magnetic rumors. They will use lies and imagination because they are angry and nothing will stop them.

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Drive such toxic and evil people out of your life. That is the only way how to stop them.

You will always be guilty in their eyes

Haters will always think that you are absolute zero and undeserved got success from the sky. They will not forget to remind you of this, commenting on each of your steps with stinging remarks and criticism.

The fact that you have worked hard for years to succeed and be a part of society does not mean anything to them. They will cruelly accuse you of everything and criticize you just for making mistakes and falling for them.

They will hate you for no reason

Unknowingly, a hater will hate you for some reason. In fact, such people envy your success, believing that only they deserve it. Because they can’t get what they want they choose to hate you.

The only way out is to move away politely, remove them from your life, otherwise, they will take revenge for some unknown reason.

Will try to isolate you from your relatives and true friends

Haters will do their best to ruin the relationship with everyone close to you and dear to you. They understand that taking away other people’s love and support will make it much easier for them to destroy you.

Therefore, they will gossip behind your back – to destroy your love, family or friendship.

Usually, hide his true face

haters are never real and open. They’re usually wearing a fake smile. In their eyes – love, and respect for you. In the mouth – compliments, and delight. Just don’t forget that they have a stone in their soul. The burden of envy against you and it destroys from inside.

Will try to hurt you with his “tips”

Hater can’t sleep or breathe until he will figure out how to hurt you and get out of balance. For this purpose, he is prepared for a curse of “friendly advice”, which will surely lead to collapse and failure.



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