Still a big part of the people believe that dizziness can be reduced, for example, by taking a shower, eating or exercising. However as doctors explains – dizziness can only be relieved by quality and adequately long sleep. No miracle cure will help.

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  • The same amount of alcohol affects each one differently

We are different, so alcohol influences each person differently. Its effects can vary by gender, age and weight, as well as what has been done (or, is not done) before the party. For example, how physically or mentally hard the work day has been, whether or not you have been exercising, resting, having a good meal and drinking enough fluid.

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However the reduction of alcohol in the blood proceeds at the same rate for everyone – approximately 0.12-0.15 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) per hour.

  • A shower can help you feel better, but it does not lower your blood alcohol level

Looking at the survey data, we can see that the understanding of the population is improving in the long run. For example, while in 2010, 30% of drivers believed that eating properly could reduce alcohol levels, this year, half of them (14%) think so. However, it is also a large enough number.

Those people and their relatives should remember that neither sauna nor strong coffee nor any other action can speed up the elimination of alcohol from the body.

It takes time and in many ways depends on human physiology. The effects of any substance on the body can be most effectively reduced by sleep. That is why it is important to have a long and good quality sleep, to break down alcohol in the body, to restore brain function and concentration, and to get people safely behind the wheel.

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  • Morning liveliness tends to be tricky

It often happens that after a good party a person wakes up quite cheerful. But these feelings can be tricky and temporary, as after a moment the tired brain is no longer able to function

There is a difference between a short attention span that requires just a few seconds of concentration, from a long and tiring drive to the steering wheel.


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