When boys want girls to like him, he pretends to be smart. That’s because they realize that smarter men have bigger chance between others.

But girls pretend to be fools when they want boys to like them, so the guy doesn’t have to be so stressed out pretending to be smarter.


Boys will never wear something uncomfortable because of beauty. Exceptions are the Hollywood movie characters, who like to sneak up on train rides in long coats and slam in white shirts, as well as individuals who meet their beloved girl’s parents.

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A Girl will never wear something ugly but comfortable. There are no exceptions for girls. If a girl claims to be dressed ugly for comfort, it means firstly that she is flirty and secondly that she has a bad taste in fashion.


In bed the boys are afraid that the girl will not finish. Boys force girls to finish first for their own good – after that they feel very good about themselves.

But the girls fear that the boy will finish too soon because they know: boys are worried about it.


The boys have problems with induction. They are not able to switch from personal to general. The strong gender, for example, is incapable of understanding: asking him not to miss a birthday party and call at the time he promised also means that he should arrive at the park on time.

Girls have problems with deduction. Everyone laughs at women’s logic. Yes, girls really do have problems switching from general to personal, so it’s hard for them to understand what it means: either he loves me and therefore sleeps with me, or he sleeps with me because he doesn’t love.


Boys try not to be like girls.

Girls wants to be like boys. And it shows that being a boy is better. On the other hand, if you think well: while you are a girl, you can be proud of things that would be silly for a guy to be proud of like with financial independence for example.

“Bed snake”

The boys think that the bigger the “bed snake”, the better.

But the girls don’t think so because they know – it is painful.


Boys know a common language with a computer.

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Girls know a common language with guys who can find a common language with a computer. Nobody knows why boys do better with computers than girls. It is suspected that girls simply have no incentive to develop their abilities in this direction. It is known from the early days : division of job increases its productivity, and why deny to boys another opportunity to show their excellence?


Girls overestimate the mental capacity of boys, but boys underestimate the mental capacity of girls.

Despite talks about women’s intellectual weakness, girls are able to develop a sophisticated strategy to conquer, domesticate, and re-educate boys. However, this system is often ineffective. And all because of strong miscalculation that the boys are able to think, “And then he’ll think I’m …” or “He will figure out that I’m …”

He doesn’t think anything, not because he’s a fool. But because he thinks: girls can’t think, and so he may not be tense.


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Girls are attracted to boys. Girls like to get together and roast the boys in general and theirs in particular.

However, boys run after girls and girls after boys. Strange, but a fact

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