As early as 1978, Susan Dellinger, a doctor of psychology, developed this simple test to identify personality strengths. Each of us has its pros and cons, we each have something we can do better than others, and in other areas we are doing not so well.

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To get the best out of life, complete this quiz to help you find your way to success and wealth. All you have to do is choose one of these shapes.

Chose? Now read the transcript! Let me know in comments how accurate it was 🙂


If you choose a square, you can be called a workaholic. Admit it.

You are always very diligent, patient, attentive to the details and responsible for the tasks. Never leave things unfinished, always following up on tasks.

The square indicates that you have a well-developed left hemisphere. This means choosing the procession of an accountant, programmer, builder, engineer or doctor. You also have the perfect leadership role.


Your choices show that you underestimate your talents. Even worse, you don’t believe you have them at all. But in vain.

First of all, you need to listen to yourself and understand what you would want to do if there were no restrictions. It is good to remember what you dreamed of becoming a child – usually childhood dreams come true and come from the heart.Once you are aware of your path, success will visit you.

A small cheat sheet: you can be a department manager, you will also feel good about being an event manager. If you decide to become an entrepreneur, success will be a must.


Your strength is to quickly capture and analyze any information. I mean any, even the most difficult task of putting together “on the shelves”. You can make a good living in design, law, economics or architecture.Try your hand at politics you can have great success in this field.

Cons of your character – impatience and self-confidence. They can interfere with reaching new heights.


People who choose a circle are very sensitive to the atmosphere in the collective. It is not so important to them what to do, but what people to work with. Good relationships are more important to you than career success. Your Weakness: Discuss colleagues and their relationships. You’re a little lazy, better say goodbye to this trait!

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You may be better off doing household or starting your own business. Because you have strong emotional intelligence, you can try acting or work as a teacher,


Choosing a zigzag clearly shows one – you have a creative personality. You always notice the beauty of the world around you, can appreciate any situation from different angles. But routine work seems like a real death-sentence to you. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a profession that will serve your genius ideas.

Artist, musician, designer, inventor – here’s your ideal list!


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