One of America’s leading business magazines “Inc” has conducted a survey to find out people’s most popular New Year’s resolutions. While there are pledges to improve your health, lose weight, build savings and learn new things, among the TOP 10 promises, “Skycop” is calling for travel to be added to that list. Experts of the company offers reasons why it is worth to planning a trip abroad this year.

Traveling brings joy

Numerous studies have found connection between happiness and travel. A study by Cornell University reveals that people are excited to even start their travel planning. And the ride itself is even more exciting.

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Traveling improves your health

When traveling, people tend to become more active than usual. It is well known that physical activity lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. There is no need for even excessive exercise – walking and swimming can also reduce stress levels very well as they result in the production of happiness hormones. Based on a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association in 2013, changing daily environments can also reduce stress levels.

Traveling is a great way to broaden your horizons

Souvenirs won’t be the only thing you bring with you from your trip. Going abroad gives everyone inspiration to learn something new. Whether it’s conversational basics or some historical fact about the place you’re looking at, you’ll learn new things during your travels to help you become more interesting. There are so many things you don’t know but you can discover while traveling.

Traveling teaches you something new about yourself and the people around you

Traveling is a great opportunity to meet new people or get to know your travel companions. There is no more effective way of knowing yourself than dealing with unexpected situations and problems with your traveling companions. What’s more, once you step out of your comfort zone and encounter problem situations that need to be resolved, it will allow you to see things in a completely different light at a moment’s notice.

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Travel increases productivity at work

As mentioned above, traveling reduces stress. Even a trip to another place at the weekend helps people recover from their work environment. But that’s not all! Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, has done countless research on the relationship between travel and creativity. He has found that traveling increases the mind’s ability to switch from one idea to another, which is one of the key rules for being able to think creatively.

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