Crazy Sex Laws Around the World

Here’s a short list of sex laws in different countries. However, only the most popular and unusual are described here; in fact there are many more. Therefore, if you are ever planning to travel to a foreign country before engaging in passionate adventures, it is worth knowing the laws of that country.

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United Kingdom

English’s sexual needs are quite modest: 80% of British people don’t have sex for a year or more if we can trust surveys. This is kinda explained by stringent law – it is quite easy to get fined and even arrested for 3 months if you come to this country and offer someone to have sex.


Male nudity is not popular in the Italian city of Palermo. A male nudist can go to a police station for a demonstration of his body. But the naked woman’s body, according to locals, is always beautiful.

The Italian city – Tropea has other views. It is forbidden to get naked for ladies who are “fat or ugly”. Wondering who decides how fat and ugly is naked lady?

United states

As many states, as the law! And some laws are even very absurd. In Louisiana, for example, only a woman has the right to buy condoms, but a man may face a heavy fine. At the same time, it is impossible to buy a condom in the state of Connecticut because it is prohibited by law.

But there is some very tactical law in the state of Nebraska. If the authorities notice a loving couple in the car, they should beep and only then, after waiting two minutes, are allowed access to the car. In this state, it is believed that in the meantime, the “troublemakers” will be able to dress and adopt a fair appearance.

In Florida, you can only have sex in a missionary position, but men should not kiss breasts.

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In the state of Arizona, the law is no less astonishing – it is forbidden to own more than two vibrators for one woman. A natural question arises – who checks the intimacy and the amount of toys and how?


Masturbation is still one of the most terrible sins to date. A man who is suspected of being self-satisfied may simply be left without his masculinity or, worse still, without his head.


Hungary does not support sex during the day or any other lighting. You can only make love in the dark. Apparently not to confuse the residents of neighboring houses.


The land of the rising sun has many exotic traditions. For example, the first date is always accompanied by a mother-in-law, who diligently praises her son. But nowadays, the Japanese even have a festival dedicated to the penis and vagina.

On the day of the Fertility Symbol, a huge penis of 2.5 meters is brought to the street and all women try to touch it, believing it will help to give birth to a healthy baby.
There are not so many sex laws in this country.

Although one law, according to which a wife can kill her unfaithful husband with bare hands, is already quite enough to think about trust.


In Hawaii, intimacy with a girl under the age of 18 can result in three years of repairs. True, not for the one who went for the honor of virgin, but to the parents of the girl. It is believed that it is the mother and father who are responsible for the fact that their daughter has grown so careless.


Some African countries allow group sex.

Aborigines have made a perfectly convincing excuse for it – group orgies are believed to be good for the harvest. This is how African tribes “call” fertility, but then return to their wives


In the homeland of the Kamasutras, sex can be practiced as much as you like, and it is advisable to do it for long and for pleasure. Indians are convinced that sex is the right way to God. Of course, this is about having sex with a loved one, not with an accidental partner.

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If you enter this country, do not be surprised: any virgin here can use the services of a man who will professionally take away her virginity. It’s all because nobody wants to marry an innocent girl, but nobody wants to stay alone.

Therefore, virgins pay a trained man for first sex.


You should not kiss in public places in this country – this is considered a violation of public order. But, as practice shows, loving couples pay very little attention to these limitations.


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