Anger is a devastating emotion. They affect not only those who experience them, but also those around them. On the portal, clinical psychologist Barbara Greenberg talks about the main causes of anger.

There is no one who never gets angry. We are also on the other side of the barricades: we feel the anger of other people.These emotions occur when a person feels frustrated because someone has offended him or her. Anger can be temporary and last a lifetime. It is a very painful feeling, mainly because we cannot always explain why. In addition, anger often leads to the ending of important relationships.

There are many reasons why you are angry, but it’s worth focusing on the most common.

Misunderstandings and unreasonable suspicions

Sometimes we think that something is wrong with us, even though it really is not. If this misunderstanding is not immediately resolved, we may feel that everyone around us is still hurting us. We get offended by people who have thought nothing wrong and we start to get angry.

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Unrealistic expectations

We often expect too much from other people. If they do not live up to our expectations, we will be angry, frustrated and disappointed.

Generous people think too well of others and suffer when they turn out to be different from imaginary ones. If you are always ready to help, you may be offended that people are not responding with the same thing.

Feeling of abandonment

There are many variations on this reason: you feel used, ignored and betrayed. You call a friend and he answers only when he needs something from you. You are not invited to a corporate event.

Being invisible to others is unpleasant. But maybe the people you are offended by are mistaken. For example, your colleagues truly believe that you do not like social events and you would also have rejected the invitation. A friend can be really busy.

Reaching the border

Interacting with some people causes us pain and sooner or later we reach the border – we no longer want it and can’t bear it.

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This happens in spousal relationships when someone says, “Everything is enough for me.” Sometimes people claim that they no longer have the strength to stand the partner’s behavior. They feel emptiness and exhaustion


As the relationship worsens and frustration grows, envy appears on stage. It seems we should rejoice in the success of our loved ones, but for many it is a difficult task.

No matter how sad it is, sometimes it is easier to help someone who is suffering than to share the joy with someone who has achieved the goal. It has to do with our internal problems, and most often it is a matter of low self-esteem.

Think about which of the following influences your life? Cause awareness will be the first step in getting rid of destructive emotions – anger.

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