As much as we would wish, it is not always possible to take your pet with you. When we are leaving either for holidays or some other reason, the first thing is to take care of our little guys. Pets are very different that’s why each one is asking for different conditions.

Right now I have 3 babies. Dog – Cracker , Cat – Millie and Rabbit – David Beckham.

I have experienced cases when you have to leave your little guys and here is how to do that in the best way for them.


Dogs are not independent enough to be left alone. They are herd animals that must be accompanied by their herd – humans. You can’t leave them alone for more than 8 hours and by law, dogs must be walked twice a day.

Cracker lives in a countryside with my grandparents. As they are traveling a lot, and unfortunately, after the last time Cracker was taken to the vet he keeps his paws away from the car, he has to stay home alone. Basically you can leave a dog alone for a day, just remember to go for a walk in the morning and evening. But what to do if you have to leave for a longer time?

Baby-sitting. The Best scenario is to ask someone to Baby-sit. Perfectly, if a family member can do that. Then you don’t need to worry about leaving your home keys and the dog won’t be so sad. Of course, you can ask also your neighbors or friends.

Dog Hotel. You can take your baby to the dog hotel. They usually have a big playground and the professionals will take care of his satisfaction.

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Dog Walker. You can simply pay to people that will come and take your dog for a walk.


Cats are more independent than dogs therefore they can be left alone for a longer time. A grown-up cat, that don’t need medical care, can be left alone for up to 3 days. Senior cats and kittens should be watched every day.

As cats freely moves around the house, make sure to eliminate everything that can hurt him.

  • Close windows, disconnect electrical equipment, hid fragile, unstable items and small items that the animal can swallow while playing, etc.
  • Provide enough food and drinking water.
  • Make sure that he has access to the toilet.

Baby-sitting. I think this is the most popular way how to leave your baby home alone. As they don’t ask to be walked only duty is to give food, water, and love. Perhaps someone from your family can take care while you are away.

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Millie lives with us, so whenever we are traveling she moves to parents’ apartments. It’s fine because seems that she enjoys time there more.

Cat hotels. If there is no one who could check up on your cat, rather take him to a cat hotel. It would be better than leaving small friend alone for a long time.


The biggest problem with rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and other cage animals is loneliness – sitting in four walls all day is not a pleasure. These pets should be kept out for regular walks and have big cage and entertainment facilities.

Cage animals should be supervised and allowed to walk outside at least every 72 hours.

If you little guy lives in a cage you can perhaps take him to some family members or friends to keep him accompanied.

Davids doesn’t live in a cage and can move around the house as per his preference. As rabbits adapt easily to a new environment, you can take them with you. In case he has to stay home, here are some tips :

Close the windows. Rabbit can jump up to 3 meters high so he can simply jump out of window. Also what scares me the most is that a big bird can fly in and take him away.

Secure doors. We always tie cage doors to avoid those small unpleasant surprises if he accidentally closes door and lost access to the toilet. Also, we are closing doors of the room he lives to make sure he don’t do that by accident and isolate himself away from cage and food.

Leave drinking water. Honestly, Rabbits are not one of the graceful pets out there so it is better to leave 2 water tanks.

Leave food. Of course you have to leave enough food. In my experience, this is the last thing to worry about as rabbits eat literary everything. Some of David’s favorite snacks are cardboard, wallpaper, flowers, wires, and suitcases. He would be happier to eat my bag than grass.

Hide your favorite things. Well as we disclosed rabbits eat everything and jump high, so if there is something you don’t want them to eat – hide it.

Don’t leave your rabbit alone for more than 3 days.

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