Top 7 Lies every traveler tells

Who has ever lied about how impressive a vacation has been, even though they want to delete a few moments from memory? No matter how inspirational or expensive this trip has been, we always refine our stories a bit so that it sounds like something unique to others.

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Why do people lie about their travels?

Maybe you’re a workaholic and can’t keep up with incoming emails, even if you’re on a tropical beach, but maybe you’re on a trip with your family, but there is a moment of strife … With the rise of social media, we compere ourselves more with the friends who post posts and photos of their great travels. Most of the time, however, we forget that nobody in these records talks about stress, illness, or any other problems encountered while traveling.

The most commonly heard lies:

“Traveling is so relaxing”

The reality is quite different. Sure, you’re excited to go on vacation, but when you’re on an airplane, renting a car in an unfamiliar place, and trying to see as many sights as possible, you end up feeling exhausted.


“I didn’t looked at an email all week”

Of course, you have taken your phone with you on the go. When you are by the pool or on the beach and even on a hike, everywhere you have a network, you look at your email in the same way as social networks. This is one of the most typical things people lie about because they are afraid to admit how dependent they are on work and communication in the internet environment.

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“My trip was incredibly romantic”

During your trip, you have repeatedly argue with your partner about who will be sitting in the airplane by the window and which exotic restaurant to go to. But when you come back, this stuff is forgotten and you tell others it has been the most romantic vacation of your life.


“This trip brought our family closer together”

In reality, every member of the family spent time as usual. The children were hanging out with their friends, the rest were busy with SPA treatments. As a result, you have spent this trip alone exploring nearby attractions.

“We found an incredible good deal for this trip”

After paying all your dues, tickets, accommodations and other expenses, you are ashamed to admit that this incredibly rewarding trip has come out much more expensive than you had planned. You have promised yourself that you will be wiser next time.

“I can’t wait to go back”

Very often people choose to go to the same destination over and over again. However, after experiencing various mosquito bites and trying to avoid the huge crowds of tourists, you realize that you will never want to return to this destination again.

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“I really enjoyed having so much free time”

In reality, you felt so bored throughout your journey. Whether it was a trip alone or a week with your family, you could not wait for the moment to go home.


  1. I don’t look at the e-mail but I learned the hard way that on a trip you can’t just disconnect 100% from your e-mail. If they change your flight or cancel your shuttle reservation you’ll need to know.

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