I have heard many many times men saying things like “You don’t need cosmetic”, “You are beautiful just the way you are” , “I like natural beauty” etc. Bullshit, I think, keeping burning my hair with ceramic, hiding face under masks and collecting hundreds of lipsticks.

Next time your long hair and eye liner won’t want to work together for a great look, don’t panic! Now It has been proved that men find more attractive women with a natural look, says Women’s Health.

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A recent survey reveals that men truly choose natural beauty. From 1,200 men that took a part in survey 66 percent do not find their dating partners more attractive if they are covered with a thick layer of make-up, such as smoky eyes or bright lip color.

Also, don’t put a big effort into your hairstyle. 82% of men consider natural and loose hair to be the most beautiful hairstyle.

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Regarding hair color –  84% of men says that they prefer the natural color of hair rather than the specific performance of your hairdresser, which obviously indicates hair coloring.

True, most men also admit that they find more attractive a women who use a little bit of cosmetic rather that women who doesn’t use it at all. They also jokingly admitted that they are unlikely to realize what effort and time women really need to invest in getting a natural look.

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