Planning a trip is a very exciting process. Either it is a short city break or you are going for a journey of your life, it’s nice to have a plan. As traveling is so popular right now developers are fighting for a chance to make your journey as smooth as possible. Today there is an app and online solution for every situation.

Here are a few mobile apps that are highly appreciated by experienced travelers – they come in handy when you’re on a holiday or business trip outside your country.

Kayak – Plan your entire trip in one place

Similarly as – ”Expedia and Skyscanner”, this app provides the best airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, etc. Comparing various providers, giving you the best deal out there. Kayak usually provides the best deals, that are not available elsewhere. In addition, users can set the best price announcement or use the “price prediction” feature, which helps to evaluate – book immediately or wait. This application can be used as a travel planner as it allows you to add important information such as – departure gate number, hotel booking confirmation number, etc. Information can be accessed in real-time and can be synchronized with other devices.

PackPoint – Don’t forget the most important things at home

Arranging a suitcase can sometimes be a harder task than it seems. A great solution is the PackPoint mobile app.

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  • It will help you make a list of things to pack.
  • Provide you with weather reports.
  • You can enter planned activities and the PackPoint app will Suggest the things you need to take with you.

Users can even share their to-do list with others – whether friends or family also need help.

Sidekix – Explore the city in exciting and exploratory walks

City route planner Sidekix does not promise the shortest routes, but probably the most interesting ones. The app selects the best walking routes, taking into account the interests of the user – from stylish places to dine to galleries of modern art. It should be noted that all these places are recommended by the locals, so they will not disappoint! Currently, information is available on the 100 largest cities, but developers say they are increasing maps every week.

Citymapper – Don’t get lost in the public transport maze

If you do not want to walk or rent a car, the golden mean will be public transport. Citymapper app will help you find the transportation you need and plan your journey so that you reach your destination as quickly as possible. The app offers real-time schedules for buses, trains, and subways in major cities such as Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Brussels, Milan, Rome, London, Paris, St. Petersburg, Moscow and more. By the way, it’s been downloaded over a million times on Google Play!

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AutoSlash – rent a car at a good price

Car rental prices change almost every day, so keeping track of these changes in the hurry of your life is not easy. If that works out, we can’t be sure the price you find will be the best value. AutoSlah app developers promise to do the best car rental search for users. All you have to do is enter your preferred travel dates, destinations and other reservation information on the app and the AutoSlash team will send you any information you need. – Take the opportunity to relax in comfort

The time between flights is too long to spend at the airport?  When you’re in the right mood, you can always spend your free time walking around town, shopping and enjoying the local cuisine. But if you want to relax comfortably, like taking a warm shower or sleeping in a soft bed for a couple of hours instead of an airport or bus station chair, the Dayuse mobile app will come in handy. It offers you a room for a couple of hours at over 3,000 hotels worldwide at particularly attractive rates, up to 75% off standard hotel rates.

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Yelp – Find your nearest restaurant, art gallery, supermarket, car service

If you want to taste more about the cuisine of the hotel during your travels, the mobile app «Yelp» will become your best friend. It contains details on 100 million restaurants, cafes, bars and more, around the world. It will help you find the perfect place for a meal by the name or address of the restaurant, the user’s location on the map, and other users’ reviews. If you are not in the mood to go to town for lunch or dinner, this app lets you check out the menus of various restaurants online and order the desired ones. By the way, Yelp also provides information on various cultural and entertainment activities, top shopping malls, finding the best car service, laundry or plumber in the area, hiring a guide, and more.


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