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Welcome to the 21st Century! We are living in a time when kids want to become influencers rather than astronauts. The bloggers are new celebrities, and with all the tools we have in our phones, its super easy to achieve that.

Film yourself yodeling at Walmart and booms you perform at Coachella. Be rude at Tv show and booms you are a millionaire. Be a guy that likes to put on make-up, booms you are youtube star. They all have something common – a big audience. People that want to see and follow them. So if you want to become influencer/celebrity you need those followers.


If you haven’t come up with that one thing, that will make you famous, start from the bottom- Instagram. There are many reasons why people want to get more followers. Obviously, the main one is to become Influencers. Maybe you have something to say and you want everyone to hear that. Maybe you just want to be popular or receive those good deals and free stuff from brands, or maybe you are a brand that wants to get clients? It doesn’t matter.

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You probably have already read a couple of posts on how to get Instagram followers by posting often the right content, theme, colors and etc. I’m here to tell you about definitely – the best ones!


Let’s pretend you didn’t hear that from me. Go and buy them. You can simply google “Buy Instagram followers” and the options are endless. Thought everyone will say that you are paying for real followers. Don’t bite that. You are paying for nice robots that will follow you but won’t like your posts and won’t comment. As we all know the most important thing is engagement. Bought followers won’t engage.


This you can use as a base. When making a business account, buy 500 followers and get the real ones on top. Firstly real followers will be more likely to follow you if you already have some audience. Secondly, if you have a couple of thousands of real followers already +-500 won’t affect your engagement that much.

Follow-Unfollow strategy

This is very popular and I think everyone does that. Pretty simple: start to follow a lot of people and pray that they will follow you back. Usually, around 15% of them do. The best part is that they also engage with your profile. Like your pictures and comment. Even, if they won’t follow you back, they can engage.

Though be careful, Instagram doesn’t like this. Depends on how old is your profile, there is a certain amount of actions you can do in an hour. If you have a few months old accounts, you can follow/unfollow about 20 users an hour, and a maximum of 100-200 users in a day. Totally you can follow 7500 users, which means, at one point you will have to start to unfollow. At this point, you will see that also your follower list will drop, but no worries, statistics show that on every 10 people you unfollow, only 1 unfollows you. 


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If you overdo it, Instagram might block you. Perhaps for 1 hour in the best case. Perhaps for 48 hours, sometimes even longer.

@Tags and #Hashtags

#Hashtags are basically made to get you explored. Find out the best ones that work for you and put it on all your pictures. Here I would like to advise, don’t use an overwhelming hash. As millions of people use them, your picture will get lost. Use something specific, perhaps two-word tags that have fewer pictures like #Couplegoals #RedLipStick or something.

@Tags.  I have found out that this works better for me than #hashtags. Basically, you must find accounts that post similar photos and have a huge audience, and tag them in your photos. If they will like what they see, they can repost your photo in their feed and you will get good exposure! If they won’t repost, your photo will remain in their “tagged in photos” and still viewable for everyone. I have also heard that influencers do this with brands, and get future partners and sponsorships in this way.


How I did it – I went to Instagram exploring section and found a picture that matches my feed. Opened account and it had about 500k followers. Bio said “Tag for featuring” so I saved their name in my notebook. Opened they “tagged picture” section. There were a lot of pictures and a lot of tags on them already. So I opened each of those tags, looking for accounts with most followers and that features tagged photos. I made a list in my notebook, and now, whenever I have a picture to post I have a list of accounts to tag.

Good content

And last but not least, good content. If you have already read a couple posts of “How to get Instagram followers” they all will say one thing – you need good content. So don’t post trash, use motivating captions to inspire your followers, stick to one niche, use the right emoji, engage with your followers – ask questions and create “personal relationship”. Engagement is everything!

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