Let’s imagine the situation when a man over forty who have been married for last 10-20 years starts to cheat. If we ask people “why?” we would get answers like “he wants sex with younger people”, “the gray beard have a devil in pants”, “all men need only one …” and so on. But these are all generalizations that often have nothing to do with the truth…

How and why do love triangles occur? Let’s try to understand the real psychological reasons.


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Reason 1. To feel like a man

Opposite to “public opinion,” the first reason for cheating is unrelated to physiology. The main role is played by the contrast between the treatment of the wife and the lover.

At home, he deals with a tired, annoyed woman who is offended or harassed by her demands and claims. Relationships can also be peaceful, with little emotion, no great mutual interest, conversations just about everyday things and children.

Lover looks great, looks at a man with admiration, does not start conflicts, there is nothing negative in their relationship. A lover may not even be a beauty. Most importantly, when meeting her, the man sees a different attitude towards himself that is completely different (in a good sense) from that of the wife.

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Reason 2. Check that he is still capable

Another reason for cheating is the desire to test his potency. Seeing that sexual abilities are diminished or that intimate relationships with a wife are not the same as before, it is important for a man to find out, “Is something wrong with me, is my age already perceptive or am I still capable?”

He is looking for the answer to this important question in affairs. In such cases, cheating is usually a one-time thing.

Reason 3. Sex

Only now do we come to a cause that is directly related to sex. Unfortunately, over the years, for many couples, sex becomes boring, turning into a short daily ritual, a monotonous activity that, moreover, rarely happens.

Many men accept it, but not all; someone does not fit for such a sexual life. Sexologists have the proverb for such situations: “It is better to change something than to have someone else”.

Unfortunately, there are rarely attempts to bring new breezes and diversity into spousal relationships. The model developed over the years is very difficult to change; some don’t even dare to talk about it. And then the desire for a new, vivid sexual experience becomes a cheating.

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Why should women know the reasons why men cheat? To eliminate the myths and prejudices, focus on these aspects in your intimate relationship with your partner and take steps that are not so difficult to avoid the problems described above.

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