Let’s continue our topic of mobile phones. As Apple recently released new iPhones, a lot of people have a dilemma about what to choose iPhone or Android. Been there done that. I have developed quite a strong opinion based on my and my friend’s experiences, so I hope this post will help you decide.

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

My experience with the iPhone started 9 years ago in school. At that time I had a Samsung slide phone(to be fair, it definitely didn’t have an android). All screen and then, hokus pokus, you slide-out keyboard’us. My best friend bought an iPhone 4. All touchscreen and that’s it. It was boring but she felt like the chosen one. We, however, weren’t so welcoming. Everybody had an opinion about Apple (a bad one) and tried to show it. I don’t want to admit it, but probably that was because of jealousy.


lg android
LG Optimus 3D

My Samsung didn’t last long, after 1 year it started to lag, buttons fell off and it was time for an upgrade. I took my mom to the phone store and asked for the best phone they had. Back in 2011, It was LG Optimus 3D. We bought it. It was the first full 3D phone, with 2 cameras. 2!!!  It automatically made me the most popular girl in school. Everybody wanted to try it, make 3D photos and Play 3D games. I was living a golden year, and then it started to lag. In the end, it took about 6 seconds and all my nerves to open the menu.

I change it to another Android phone – HTC One. That was a really good one and worked with no problems at least for the first year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t mine and I had to say goodbye after.

Meanwhile, my best friend didn’t have any problems with her iPhone 4.

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As my mom didn’t want to sponsor my phones anymore, I had to find a job (Start working for a phone, HA! that’s adulthood). In the first month, I spend literally more time comparing phones than actually working.


I wanted to be 100% sure about my next choice. Best phones in 2014 were just released iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5.  I read reviews, watched youtube videos, even went to the shops to hold them. It was a very hard decision but then my best friend said something that changed me forever:

You might regret buying Android but you will never regret buying iPhone.

And from my first salary, I bought an iPhone 6. It just felt right. It was my first iPhone but I used to it very fast. It worked perfectly and was my best friend for 3 years! Never ever I had a phone that can work for so long time. The first problems accrued only after 2 years.  The home button stopped to work, and I had to put the “Screen home button”. Then it got slower and sometimes didn’t recognize the charger. After 3 years, at one dark and cold night, it turned off for the last time.


Samsung galaxy note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

While I was waiting for iPhone XS realize I used my mom’s Android – Samsung Galaxy Note 5. At first, it felt cool because it had a pen. It lagged a bit but the biggest problem was the Galaxy store. It simply didn’t work. Also in Samsung Service, they couldn’t tell what the problem is. I had to download applications from pirate servers. Sometimes it lagged so much that I started to cry… What made my boyfriend laugh very hard…

In September 2018 iPhone XS came out and I bought it as soon as it was available. It was love from first sight. It’s been a year and there hasn’t been a single glitch.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8

I wanted to add my boyfriend’s experience… He also had iPhone 6, for 4 long years, and as per his words, it was the best phone he ever had. But everything has an end and so did here. He decided to try something new and bought a brand new Android phone – the Samsung S8. One of the main reasons was that only Android supported an application that was crucial for his job. In three months he was ready to kill the phone. It’s already lagging and worse – doing what he wants. Phone can decide to call random numbers, send messages, change settings. I literally made him delete all my bad pictures in case his phone would decide to post them or send them to someone. It’s been six months since he tries to settle with Samsung, and is already in waiting list for iPhone 11 Pro.

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Meanwhile, my best friend also remained reliable for Apple. Forever.


iPhone 11 pro
iPhone 11 Pro

In conclusion: Yes, there is a lot of cool features that Android phones can offer to you but be ready to either change your phone every year or say goodbye to your nerves. If you are looking for something reliable – go for the iPhone.

And remember: you might regret buying Android but you will never regret buying the iPhone!

Surely, such an opinion is based on our experience. Sorry Android and Samsung nothing personal, but we prefer the iPhone unless you can change my mind.


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