How To Fall Asleep Fast

Without food we can live three weeks, without sleep – 11 days. Our organism is litterally build to sleep once in a while but sometimes its hard to achieve it. Sometimes our pillow is too soft and blanket too short. Sometimes it’s too hot or your cat decides that it’s time to run around the house like stupid. Maybe your crush hasn’t texted back for 3 minutes or you can’t decide which photo will match your Instagram feed the best (Okay, that’s just me). There is a lot of reasons for those sleepless nights. I am not here to count them all, but to help you fall asleep as fast as possible.

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In years I have developed a super-power to fall asleep everywhere and fast. I don’t have a problem to sleep at trains, planes, tents or airports. Basically, I have a few techniques that I use to fall asleep when necessary. The last one is my favorite and works every time but as we all are different, find what suits the best for you yourself!

This post is a dedication to my beloved boyfriend who, taken over by sleeplessness, has started collection pictures of me sleeping. Please go sleep, babe. Love ya.

Put on a super-boring tv-show

They say that it’s bad to use Tv or Phone 30 minutes before going to sleep because the Blue light won’t let your brain shut-off. That is kinda true, but Tv can be very useful in the completely opposite way. Turn on most boring or annoying Tv-show you know and don’t forget to set switching-off timer. Lover the sound and brightness, and start to watch it. Your brain will want to switch-off themselves.


Sleep in cold room

If you have ever slept in a tent you probably know that feeling when first sun rays touch your tent and you basically wake up in the oven. Not the best feeling. It’s a fact that our sleep is the best when the temperature of the room is lower. Perfectly it should be 15-19° C. If the room is too warm or too cold your body will spend energy to maintain it so you will end up with disturbed sleep and constant moving. If it’s too hot open window or uses the ventilator. If it’s still too hot, freeze the bottle of water and take it with you in bed (I do this with my pets, to keep them cool in Summer.)

4-7-8 method

I tried this couple years ago when had difficulties with my sleep and it worked. So the technique is based on meditation. The best part is that it can be filled both sitting and lying down. This exercise can help you in bed and even on an airplane chair.


  • Inhale through the nose, counting from 1 to 4
  • Hold your breath and keep counting till 7
  • When reaching 8, Breathe out through your mouth
  • Repeat 7-9 times – and Good Night!


Here is your choice of what you want to go ahead with. You can drink warm milk or warm tea that creates a cozy feeling. (that’s usually how they do it in movies) Or you can drink a cold beer or wine and get a wavy feeling that will lull to sleep even stronger of us. And honestly, when you have enough wine you can fall asleep even on the lawn.

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Count backward

Here we go, this is a winner of all methods and is cultivated by me till perfection. So what you gonna do :

  • Make yourself comfortable.
  • Take out all frustrating/nervous or exciting thoughts from your mind.
  • Don’t move or talk to anyone.
  • Start slowly count backward from 300 till 0.
  • Imagine numbers in your mind, how big or small they are, what are the colors how do they look.

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I do this every time before falling asleep. Around 240 I start to see some other characters and pictures. This is a time when you are half asleep but still too conscious. At 160 I’m asleep. Since I do this, I have never reached 0. If you have really strong sleeplessness start to count from a more difficult number like 1347.

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