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Women’s dress for themselves. Well sometimes for other women, but never for men. What can be better than walking down the street and checking your amazing outfit in mirrors?

If we would dress for men we could simply walk naked. In addition, if men would impact our style, there wouldn’t be belt bags, cycling shorts, oversized jackets or Balenciagas.

My boyfriend says: “Latest Women’s fashion trend is to annoy their boyfriends”

I discussed this statement with my girl-friends and we kinda agreed. The latest fashion trends are exaggerations. Be seen, be your self. Don’t be afraid of colors, materials, size, and forms. If it’s different it’s good. And women go with it. When I’m shopping, I look for blouses or dresses that will highlight me from the crowd. I’m looking for something different but yet very stylish.

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Men’s, however, are not so tolerant. They would like us to keep with classic, elegant, casual style. Have you ever been shopping with your boyfriend? Does he like the clothes you are choosing?


My boyfriend has already learned to settle with my choices at shopping malls. Also, he knows how hard is to try it all and now brings me food to the cabins. He also helps me make a decision when it comes down to two amazing things by simply saying “You already know that you will buy this one”, yeah, I knew that somewhere very deep in my heart. In the end, if you really really like something, it can suddenly become a gift. Because, what can warm his heart more that see his princess smile? 😉

If you go shopping together, you can also choose clothes for him. Make him more trendy and match your style.


If you want to buy something hot he might say no to that. (Obviously, underwear is an exception) . And the reason is simple: jealousy, fear, protectiveness, etc.

A couple of days ago I read an interesting post on Facebook about some guy who forbidden his girlfriend to wear miniskirts. His explanation: I love those skirts, and they look amazing. But, when you wear them every one is watching and enjoying it. Except me. Because I walk beside and don’t see anything!


Cons 2: Overall men don’t like to spend long hours at shopping-centers. He will get tired and difficult.

So girls, show some mercy to your men. They have feelings too.

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