After years of hype, 5G has become a reality, but it seems that there are more questions than answers. When the biggest carriers are already switching to 5G it’s last time for you to find out to what it is and is it bad for you.

What is 5G?

It’s a 5th Generation internet, a much faster internet. The main difference to a 4G internet is the type of waves that will be in use. 5G is using millimetric waves – will provide more speed and simply the internet will become more capable.


Such waves are working on at a higher frequency, and as a higher, the frequency is the lesser is distance it can reach. So, for 5G to work properly, a lot of towers are needed. And by a lot, I mean a lot, a 5G station needed every 100-200 meters.

5G signal can’t go through buildings, trees and even cannot reach the device if it’s raining. (the UK can probably stop worrying about it, as it won’t work for you haha). Even if the 5G tower is right next to you but you are hiding behind a building, you will continue using 4G.

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So, is 5G only about faster videos, downloads, and your virtual reality to just become faster? Yes and No. Sure, daily work with the internet could become much convenient, faster, but it’s more made for a ”smart” living. Non-pilot cars, smart houses, and hospitals, smart coffee machines, an idea behind all this are bringing artificial intelligence in all our lives.


I wanted to thank the iPhone for not adding 5G function to their newest phones, continue the same way with the next generations, people will admire you.

Is 5G Tested? -No, it’s not.

Not many, Big, Official tests have been done yet. Hundreds of scientists around the world are bringing panic and trying to do something to stop 5G coming. It takes time to see what damage 5G is causing to human, and animal healths.

Scientists started to do some 5G tests recently, and the first results are, at a lower frequency, it can cause damage to our eyes, as millimetric waves can’t get through the skin at a lower frequency. So what can happen at a higher frequency? The first things that will happen – headaches, depression, problems to concentrate.


In another test in Italy, a scientist did a higher frequency 5G test on rats, many of them received heart and brain cancer, and later they died.

Governments seem to not listen to people and hundreds of 5G towers are getting set-up daily in the world right now.

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If you want to eat healthily, you chose to not eat that burger. With 5G you have no choice given.

In a few year’s time, 5G will be a part of every big city in the world, and you will be affected by it regardless if you are using a 5G internet or not.


  1. I believe that the fear of 5G is a hoax, just like Y2K, Digital Money, or things like that..
    Human skin acts as an insulator to EM waves of high frequency and prevents them from penetrating (except X-Rays and Gamma Rays)
    Hence, one is already shielded from millimetre waves due to this fact.
    They have also pointed out the scientific flaws in experiments which claimed that high frequency waves of 5G are dangerous.
    You can consider a simple phenomenon, which is quite elementary in nature: Visible light has SHORTER wavelength and HIGHER frequency than any RADIO or MICRO wave used in communication. Had High frequency EM waves been so dangerous (except X-Rays or Gamma Rays) all life on Earth would have been fried by now due to overexposure to visible light..
    Would like to know your views as well?

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